Sarah's Ghost House

by: Faith Stephenson

Sarah's life

Sarah did have a glorious life i mean she had a beautiful house for her husband and her to live in. and soon she had a little baby girl to take care of. however things don't always stay good her baby girl died of a mysterious illness. Sarah was devastated and later on her husband William died. now Sarah was even more devastated so devastated that she decided to lock her self away from every one she would not allow anyone to see her or go in her house.

Sarah's house for the dead

Sarah was soon walking around her house but then she felt the present of the once living that got shot by the Winchester rifles her husband had once owned she started calling in mediums ( people who can contact the dead ) to see if she could get a hold of her husband and baby non of them could find anything so they told her to get a hold of Adem Coons a really good medium known round her town they said if anyone could contact the dead it was him. so without even telling him her name she rushed to get Coons to help her out. she got a hold of him and went over to her house and he told Sarah that her husband was standing right next to her and that she was being haunted by the spirits that got killed by the Winchester rifle and that in order to stay alive she needed to move into a different house that could hold all the spirits so she sold her house and moved to San Jose in California. there she built a house that had 160 rooms, 47 fire places, 40 stair cases, 10,000 windows, 52 skylines, 467 doorways, 6 kitchens, and a formal dinning room. and her back yard was like a maze she had a 6ft high hedge around in curved lines all over her 6 acers adn paths that made it look like a maze and she changed rooms every night so the ghost could not find her and get her in her sleep.

Sarah's haunting's

the way she built all of her house and kept on adding on to it was because the medium Adem Coons told her that in order to stay alive she had to build rooms that all the dead spirits wanted she had to decorate the rooms exactly hoe the dead wanted them and people that have lived next to her could sometimes hear organs playing at night but they knew that Sarah could not be playing them because her hands have grown stiff of old age she couldn't even lift a pencil. they also hear Sarah talking to her self in the morning she normally would say " good morning i am so glad you enjoyed your stay at my house" and normally her servants would set up 13 plates and put food on them and fill 13 goblets with the finest wines and then she would think the spirits would eat and drink from them. so Sarah soon died of old age and mean while people have seen that other rooms have been made by someone some people think Sarah is hunting the house and still trying to build for the spirits but then again some people don't be leave in ghost so don't say i warned you.