Cassidy Crew

Monthly Update

Holiday Plans

The students are planning on having a last day Christmas party on December 19th, the last day of school. If they would like to participate in the white elephant gift exchange, please send a wrapped present worth up to $15.00 with them on that day. (This is completely voluntary, but should be a lot of fun.) If students have a fun Christmas hat, sweater, or comfy outfit, they are welcome to wear it! We are also asking parents to sign up for food and snacks for the party. Of course remember, every $10.00 you spend equals 1 hour of volunteer time!

The party will begin at 12:00 pm and continue to the end of the day.

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I am hoping to have all grades done by Monday, December 16th in Synergy for you to view on ParentVue or StudentVue. If your child has missing work, now is the time to get it in! (They know who they are.) :-) Thank you for all you do to support your child's education!

Cleaning Schedule

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Cleaning Duties

Please remember when it is your cleaning day to vacuum the hall in front of our classroom and wipe down tables and chairs. If you have time, please also vacuum the rug outside the back door. Thank you again for all that you do!

Other Volunteering Opportunities

Please choose an item from this list to make up for missed cleaning days and to gain volunteer hours.

  • Wipe down computers
  • Wipe down iPads
  • Wipe down headsets
  • Clean classroom windows outside
  • Clean classroom windows inside
  • Scan books into our online library system (We can show you how!)
  • Wipe out shoe cubbies
  • Clean the refrigerator and microwaves inside and out

We occasionally have needs that can earn volunteer hours also, such as cutting out laminating, or purchasing supplies.

$10.00 = 1 hour of volunteer time!

Right now, we need:

  • Highlighters
  • Erasers
  • Bottled water
  • Class snacks
  • Paper Plates

Have a special talent or occupation? Let us know if you would be willing to do something for the classroom or with the Cassidy Crew!

Thank you for all you do to support our classroom!

Mrs. Cassidy