Welcome to Lineville!

By: Payton Jeske


Are you scared about coming to Lineville? Don't be! If you read this I will give you some basic information about Lineville!


When you get to Lineville, lockers may seem like they are a big problem, but they aren't. When you read this you will see some tips about opening a locker. First you will need to remember your combination, if you forget it a teacher could tell you it. Another thing is you need to make sure to go right left right. One last thing is to keep your locker organized. If it isn't organized it will make all of the lockers next to you have limited space. Those are some things about Lineville lockers.


I am going to tell you about lunch at Lineville. Lunch is very different compared to elementary school. First there are 2 different lunch lines. The district and the commons meal. The district meal is what all of the schools have. The commons meal is something that is different. It serves food that the elementarys schools don't. Also as an extra there is al a carte(cookies, soft pretzels, cheese, snapple, water, bagels, chips, pudding, fruit snacks, rice krispies, juice) Now I am going to tell you the order. First you get out of your special. Then you go get EVERYTHING that you need (coat, boots, hat, mittens). Next you take your meal and al a carte. Then you eat. Lastly you go to recess and then come back in. That is the lunch choices and extra at Lineville!


At Lineville there are three music choices, band, orchestra or choir. When you are in band and orchestra you need an instrument, and you need to practice almost every day. The instruments in band for fifth grade only are the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone and percussion. The instruments in orchestra are a violin, cello, viola and bass. In choir you sing. Those is the music choices at Lineville.


There are many things that you are disciplined for at Lineville. You get disciplined for things that you do bad, some consequences for those are:

  • minor
  • mash (when you don't get your homework done, you need to do a mash, that is after school)
  • noon (when you don't get your homework done, you go to a classroom that other students are in and you work on it in there)
  • major

There are also some good things about discipline, some of those things are:

  • Clubhouse incentives (dodgeball, ice cream, capture the flag)
  • acknowledgement cards
  • school incentives (dance, movie, gnome games, bounce house)
  • prize cards (free choice, music, eat with friend in teachers room, half an -assignment, late homework pass, pencil, or sunglasses)


At Lineville classes and specials are very different. You have 2-4 teachers in your house. The fifth grade houses are Beach, Club, Nelson, i, Epic, High five, Unity and Phoenix. Every day you switch classrooms every hour. There are day ones and day twos to get all of your classes and specials in. You have four minutes to get to your classrooms. In that time you go to the bathroom, get a drink or get your snack(Depending what hour it is) The specials at Lineville are gym, band, orchestra, choir, art, spanish and technology. Those are the specials and classes at Lineville. When you are walking to classes and you see red tape you need to be quiet and not whisper to friends. When you are in the blue zone you are allowed to whisper to friends only at a 1, not a 2, 3, or 4. You might be able to get a blue ticket if you are quiet and not talking in the red zone. That is what the tape on the ground at Lineville means.

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This is what my schedule looks like. When you get to fifth grade you will have a schedule, but it won't be identical to mine. :)


Different recess

Recess is very different at Lineville. The reason it is different is because there is no playground and the space is very small. Another reason is because it is only 10-20 minutes long. That is what is different about recess at Lineville.

What to do at recess

I am going to tell you some things that you can do at recess. Some things are, you can play football in the fields in spring and summer. Also all year long you can play basketball, tether ball, 4 square, talk with your friends. Im sure there are many other thing to do at recess at Lineville.


After school activities

At Lineville you are able to do after school activities. You dont have to do them, they are optional. Some after school activities include basketball skill and drills, volley ball, babysitting club, cross country, play club, movie club and archery, but you can only do that in 6th grade. They are all optional for both boys and girls. Those are some after school activities that you can do at Lineville.

Some things I was nervous about

When I first got to Lineville I was nervous, but now I'm not. At first I was nervous about my locker because I thought would forget the combination, but after opening it about 8 times a day you would get use to remembering the combination and where it is. Another thing I was nervous about is changing for gym class. It really isn't a big deal if you just change quickly and do your business. I was also very nervous about getting late to class, but in the clubhouse the teachers won't give you a minor or major unless you didn't have any reason to be late. Those are some things I was nervous about at Lineville.


Well I hope that helped you over come your fears about Lineville! Good luck!

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