Primer Pals newsletter

March 15, 2014

Curriculum Objectives

Reading: Parts of an invitation and how to address an envelope

Writing: Writing invitations for our play

Phonics: Review of long vowel A and long vowel E

Math: Probability

Science: Facts about the bugs we will be in our play: Body parts, habitats, and food

Social Studies: US Postal Service

Our play "Bugz"

Play lines

We are about three weeks away from our play. Now is the time, to help you child by rehearsing lines every night. Remember your child does not just need to know their lines, they also have to be able to know when to say them. It is recommended that you say the lines before your child's so they will know when to say their lines. Thank you for your help!


I will supply each child with a costume. I will need you to make sure your child has a black shirt or black leotard and black pants or black leggings. Again, thank you!


We will make invitations for our play and print them out on Thursday, March 20. Invitations are set to be mailed on Friday, March 21. I will need your help by telling me who you would like your child to mail an invitation to for the play. All parents will receive an invitation, if you would like us to send invitations to extended family members or close family friends we can do that! Please fill out the Google form by Thursday, March 20. Thank you.

Just a reminder the dress rehearsal is on Thursday, April 3 at 1:30. We will have two performances on Friday, April 4. The performances are at 10:00 and 1:30 in the theater.

Exciting news over the break and announcements

Math Fair

Recently when I presented at the Leading Future Learning conference I learned about a math fair. I am taking this concept and implementing it for the students in Primer. Please click on the link to read about the math fair. This document can be found in your child's homework folder on Monday.

Starting the week of March 24 Primer students will have play lines and their math fair projects for homework. This will also continue the week of March 31.

Mark your calendars

  • March 26 Field Trip
  • March 28 Early Release at 11:30 & ESD Spirit Dress Day