West African Kingdoms



Ghana traded gold and salt in the Tran-Saharan.

In Mali Timbuktu was an important city because that city was a big part in the Tran-Saharan.

Songhai salt was very good for trading.


Ghana was separated in to classes, the king had the most powerful clan out of all of them.

Mali- Mansa Musa brought back an Arab architect , then after it changed the structure of the homes .

Songhai- Sunni Ali the Great was the founder of this empire . He was ruler for about 90 years.


Ghana they live by a scale to where it was kings then go all the way to poor people.

Mali- When Sakura rose to power, the empire grew and that expanded to the land of the Songhai and their Kingdom of Gao.

Songhai- the kings where muslim so hierarchy was a part of the empire