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Saturday, March 13, 2021

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We are 24 days away from an important election for the students and community of the Kirkwood School District on Tuesday, April 6. KSD has developed multiple resources to educate voters in the Kirkwood School District about our Proposition R bond initiative. Prop R is a zero-tax rate change proposal that will address overcrowding, safety and security challenges and more.

Prop R website - This comprehensive website provides an overview of the resources

Prop R Project Renderings - During the March 8 BOE work session, preliminary renderings and floor plans of Prop R projects were shared with the community. The website provides both a recording of the work session, and the presentation of the renderings.

Power Hour Videos - KSD hosts Power Hours as an opportunity for our community to ask questions about Prop R. Previously held sessions are on the website. Our next Power Hour is scheduled for Thursday, March 18 from 7-8 p.m. Visit kirkwoodschools.orgPowerHour for the link to join the webinar.

Costs - Our Project Investment Page provides an overview of Prop R project expenses

FAQ page - As questions come in from our community, we will continue to add questions and answers to our Prop R FAQ webpage.

In addition, staff and family volunteers will conduct informational canvassing to our community residents about Prop R over the next three weeks. Contact your school's main office to find out how to volunteer.

Spring Break

Spring break is upon us. Spring break for KSD begins on Saturday, March 20 and school resumes for students on Tuesday, March 30. Please continue to follow the guidelines as established by St. Louis County Guidelines to help stop the spread of the pandemic including mask wearing and hand washing. The CDC has additional information about Spring Break on their website: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/page/spring-break-travel

Summer School 2021

The calendar has turned to March, and it’s hard to not peek ahead to spring break, the fourth quarter, and even the summer months. This is also the time of year that we normally put the final touches on plans for summer school and summer professional learning. What we’ve experienced over the last year is far from normal, though.

Please visit our Summer School website to learn more about our expanded summer options for students. A range of K-12 jobs will be posted later this week, and additional information about professional learning and curriculum work will be shared soon.

Student and staff wellbeing has been and will be central to our planning. Families will need time away this summer, and many will schedule vacations that have been on hold for months. We know this, and we appreciate this - just as we know and appreciate that many students have academic and social-emotional needs to be addressed. Our summer plans seek to balance the needs of students and staff, recognizing important work to be done while keeping wellness at the forefront of our thinking.

Additional information about summer programming options

Elementary Programming

Middle School Programming

High School Programming

School - BOE Keynote


Student Feedback Request: Lessons from the 2020-21 School Year

Yesterday, students in 4-12 grade received an email and Schoology notification regarding a request to complete a student survey. We want to hear from our students and get their feedback about learning this year. We have a responsibility to learn from our experiences, successes, and failures. We’d appreciate your help in getting these completed by your student. Please encourage your child to fill out the survey and share their views on learning this year by visiting: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KSDstudentsurvey

Students also can participate in interviews that will provide additional insights to inform our work.

We will be seeking feedback from parents and teachers in the next two months.

Device Breakage Support: Please Contact our Tech Team

Please report school supported device issues or breakages to your school or the “Tech Help Chat” so we can ensure student devices are in good working order prior to MAP testing. Please start an online ticket, or request support on our website: https://direct.lc.chat/9339900/

A Note From Our KHS Athletic Director Regarding Spring Sport Spectator Guidelines

As a result of continued collaboration with local health officials and the St. Louis Suburban Public High School Athletic and Activities Association, our KIRKWOOD high school activities director would like to inform you of upcoming changes to spectator guidelines at our events. Starting March 15, 2021 Kirkwood high school will institute the following spectator guidelines for all events:

When traveling outside the Suburban Conference, schools will adhere to visitor guidelines in that region.

Further spectator limitations may be put in place due to space availability in certain venues. Individual schools will communicate specific guidelines when space limitations must be considered.

Indoor Events: (Water Polo and Boys Volleyball)

  • Two family members for each participant may be allowed for indoor events

  • Spectators must be tracked for contact tracing purposes

  • Face masks must be worn by spectators at all times

  • Social distancing must be followed at all events

Outdoor Events: (Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis, T/F)

  • For outdoor activities, except Track, spectators will be allowed into the facility under DPH guidelines

  • Face masks must be worn at all times

  • Social distancing must be followed at all events

  • NO spectators will be allowed at track meets per DPH approved Track Proposal.

MSHSAA Post-Season Events:

  • Details regarding spectator guidelines during MSHSAA postseason events will be communicated prior to the event.