Offering Peace in Global world

Update of the Nefti's

CultureMIX - Training sessions

    • Cross cultural training. 2 weeks ago in the context of the Lyon Bible School at The EPEVC (Lyon-Villeurbanne church) I was challenged to give a teaching on Islam and how to bring peace, the good news of Jesus to our muslims friend. 10 students attended all day and was thrilled to see the desire of the believers to be salt and light among their muslim friends, colleague here in France. May God in His abundant wisdom and grace use this time of sharing and teaching for His glory in reaching muslim.

    • Last month I had the privilege to talk to almost 200 people in different towns in youth center and social work to talk about "breaking down barriers among cultures". Conferences, interactive workshops have been given. One lady said " we wish to have these type of training more regularly, it will help the neighborhood to have a better understanding of people".