Serial Killers

Charles Albright & Akku Yadav

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Charles Albright

Background information:

-Born August 10, 1933, which would make him 81 years old. Born in Amarillo Texas

-He was diagnosed a psychopath.

-He was convicted for killing one woman, and suspected of killing two other women in 1991.

-He is in jail at Montford Unit in Lubbock, Texas.

-He had other names he would go by:

The Dallas Ripper

The Dallas Slasher

The Eyeball Killer

Earlier in his life

-He was adopted from an orphans home.

  • His mother was a schoolteacher, very strict and overprotective.
-He got his first gun as a teenager, and he would kill small animals. His mother would then help him stuff the animal, because of the interest Charles had to become a taxidermist.

-His criminal record started at age 13 for petty thief, and aggravated assault.

-At age 15, he graduated high school and forged his way into North Texas University.

  • Interested in training as a medical doctor, he started his premed, but didnt complete it.
-At age 16, police found him with petty cash, two handguns and a rifle, which he spent a year in jail for. After jail he forged himself, a degree.

  • He married his college girlfriend, then had a daughter.
  • He couldn't hold a job for long, so he "cheated" by forging checks and claiming false credentials.
  • When he got caught he received probation, which lead to his wife divorcing him soon after.
  • Albright was caught stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise, which he received 2 years prison sentence and only served less than 6 months.
  • He became friends with all his neighbors and he was even asked to babysit.
  • This was before he sexually molested his 9-year old daughter, and was prosecuted where he pledge guilty and only received probation.


  • December 13, 1990- Mary Pratt, a well known prostitute in Oak Cliff. Was found with her body lying face up, she was wearing only a t-shirt but completely exposed on the side of the road. She was shot in the back of the head with a 44-caliber . When her body was examined they found out she was a drug addict and later surprise to discover the killer had removed both the victims eyes without making much of a mark on the eyelids.
  • February 10, 1991- Susan Peterson, also a prostitute, was found nearly nude, with her t-shirt pulled up to show her breast (which is also like Mary). She had been shot 3 times. When police checked her eyes and thats when they realized it was the same killer.
  • March 18, 1991- Shirley Williams, was also found naked, lying on her side near a school with her eyes removed and also had been shot.

How he was caught

-They had undercover police officers dressed up as prostitutes to lour him out but nothing. But then they got a break, an Oak Cliff prostitute Veronica Rodriguez said she was with Mary Pratt and witness the murder. She described the attacker to be a middle aged white male with salt and pepper hair who was driving a white pick up truck. The man who helped her get away said that he knew who the killer was, but when later questioned he said he didn't know. The police were hesitant to believe her story because Veronica was an extreme crack addict.

- Shirley Williams took all clients to a field, so they went back and found her yellow raincoat. They scrapped it and found a strand of hair that looked different, after weeks they finally identified it as a squirrel tail hair.

- They had an informant, and the name they gave "Charles Bright" the police looked him up, they immediately identified him. Then got a warrant and the confiscated mostly everything in his house hold. Were they also found the same (squirrel) hair, and the same condom type. He would hang out with police man, to get inside information. The prostitute bodies had hair which matched with Charles hair.

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Akku Yadav

-Was a 32 year old alleged rapist and at least three murders in August 13, 2004, he was lynched by a mod of around 200 women. He was stabbed over seventy times, and chili powder and stones were thrown in his face. It took them about 15 minutes to hack to death the man they say raped them with impunity for more than decades. One of his alleged victims hacked off his penis with a vegetable knife. The incident was even more exposed since they didn't murder him in a dark alley but instead in the shinny white marble floor of Nagpur district court.

-The victims believe that Yadav had been bribing the police, for protection, since every time a victim would come forward they would refuse to pursue charges, or he would get out on bail. The victims claimed that when they went to police they would laugh and later give Yadav the names of the people who reported it. He allegedly would order his henchmen to drag even girls as young as 12 to a nearby building to be gang-raped, which they claim was to be able to control men.