Welcome to United Chain of Baes

By: Miuling and Jesyana

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~United Chains of Baes~

The size of U.C.B. is 3.5 Million Miles squared. There are a couple rivers, very little mountain up north, the ocean is on 2 sides of the country, about 300 lakes , 1 dessert, little hills east. Approximately 200 million people live U.C.B. The official language is English. You must graduate high school with a diploma and a 2.5 GPA. You must join the militarily after you graduate high school for one year and if you want you can stay after you meet the one year requirement. The government provides free health care and free public transportation. the legal retirement age is 69 years old. The tax rate is 13% of your yearly income.

~The 6 rights~

~Have the right to go to any place

~Freedom of religion

~Make a business of their own

~Anyone can own a house with the right amount of money

~Freedom of speech

~Freedom of marriage

~4 Illegal Things~


~Murder or attempted murder

~Owning a gun without a license
~Works can’t work unless they are 14


~80% Free market

~20% Government control

You can make your own money. You can make your own business. You choose where you live. The government still enforces the laws and make everything run smoothly.

We choose this because people need freedom if their lives and like really who want to just be bossed around all the time like bruh I just hate that. Of course We need to have government controller because if we don't it will all just be a chaos and of course we need to enforce the law like duh because if we don't it would be... like a total mess like bruh.

~Type Of Government~

~Representative Democracy

It make things easier on the people, because they don't have to keep voting,, they vote on who represents them. Direct democracy may work very well among a small group of people, but the larger the group the more difficult it is to run effectively. Representative democracy eliminates this difficulty by operating on a much smaller scale the majority of the time


~Federal System

The government has the power but the citizens have to power to elect who has the power.

we think that you should have the power to vote on who runs you and who is in charge of where you live. You should have the freedom of not being runned by someone who doesn't rule the right way.



~Go to Smore the theme park

~5 sub theme parks inside Smore

~SouthWest festival

~Go fishing in places that are permitted

~Go skiing

~Go on a boat ride

~Eat candy

~Teen Clubs

~Watch netflix

~Read books