Welcome Liala Kanan

Born on march 27 2004

My first day in life

This was a very wonderful day. It was the day of my birth. At first I didn't notice anyone. I started to cry. There were a lot of people at the hospital. My parents were were very happy with my arrival My dad was the first person to pick me up. It was very warm outside. It was a very beautiful Saturday My mom was the first person I saw. I was very happy I smiled. My skin was a very light brown color.I was born in San Clear which is now called Ellis hospital.

A good and bad day

I was very confused. Everyone said "It's a girl! It's a girl!" I was to young to understand what they meant. I started to cry as they quieted down. I was very cute. I laughed, I burped,and I ate all at the hospital. My cousins weren't at the hospital. I was very upset, but glad to see my cousin Doaa and my aunt Mona. they came back from Sudan!!!

Popular Movies

The Incredibles was a very popular movie in 2004! It's about a family that has super powers.