you can find grains in wheat, cornmeal, rice. there are two sub groups grains are in whole grains, and refined grains. an ounce is one slice of bread, one cup of ready to eat cereal, or one half cup of already to cook rice. dietary fiber is an example on nutrients it helps by making you feel full, b vitamins help release energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates, iron helps oxygen be carried in the blood. eating grains can lower the risk of heart disease, eating whole grains can help you loss weight, consuming contain fiber and grains can decrease constipation, eating grains before and after pregnancy can prevent neural tubes defects during fetal development. food label with multi-grain, stone-grown, %100 wheat, cracked wheat, bran, or seven-grain are usually not whole grain products,
  • Color is not an indication of a whole grain. Bread can be brown because of molasses or other added ingredients. Read the ingredient list to see if it is a whole grain.
  • Use the Nutrition Facts label and choose whole grain products with a higher % Daily Value (% DV) for fiber. Many, but not all, whole grain products are good or excellent sources of fiber.
  • Read the food label’s ingredient list. Look for terms that indicate added sugars (such as sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, malt syrup, maple syrup, molasses, or raw sugar) that add extra calories. Choose foods with fewer added sugars.
  • Most sodium in the food supply comes from packaged foods. Similar packaged foods can vary widely in sodium content, including breads. Use the Nutrition Facts label to choose foods with a lower % DV for sodium. Foods with less than 140 mg sodium per serving can be labeled as low sodium foods. Claims such as “low in sodium” or “very low in sodium” on the front of the food label can help you identify foods that contain less salt (or sodium).
  • Set a good example for children by eating whole grains with meals or as snacks.
  • Let children select and help prepare a whole grain side dish.
  • Teach older children to read the ingredient list on cereals or snack food packages and choose those with whole grains at the top of the list.