Technology Matters

Issue #3: April-June 2018

Google Suite Updates

Improve collaboration in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides with Activity dashboard

G Suite makes it easier for users to collaborate efficiently and effectively. An important part of collaboration is deciding how and when to follow up with others. To help inform these decisions, we're introducing Activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It’s a feature that lets users with edit access see who has viewed the file and when they viewed it.

For example, a user can check if a coworker has seen a file already and alert them that it’s been updated. Or an account manager can judge the best way to follow up with a partner, depending on whether that partner has viewed the materials they previously sent.

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Find shared content with new file organization in Google Drive

G Suite is built for working collaboratively—teams create and share files all the time. When there can be hundreds or thousands of files, though, it can be tricky to find those files later. So we’re improving how you find files that have been shared with you in Google Drive.

The “Shared with Me” section shows the files that have been shared with you. We’re going to start intelligently organizing this section so you may also see people listed, along with files they’ve shared with you. Simply click on a document to quickly open it.
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2018 Digital Learning Day Examples

Personalized learning

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Flexible Seating

Flexible classrooms give students a choice in what kind of learning space works best for them, and help them to work collaboratively, communicate, and engage in critical thinking.

Teachers who are using flexible seating often find:

  • Their students' grades have improved.
  • Their students seem happier and more engaged.
  • Their students are participating more and having more invigorating conversations.
  • Less behavior issues

Below is a video made by a first grade teacher who is passionate about flexible seating. There is also a slide show of what is happening at Thorne Middle School to show the learning space in middle school.

Flexible seating options within our district

Resources for Parents and Teachers


Parent Challenge

Try having an open dialogue with your child about his/her personalized learning experiences. You can include different types of questions that will help your child reflect on the personalized learning process. The link above titled "Bringing the Core Four Home" can help guide you in opening up conversation with your child.

Example: "What was the most challenging part of your day?" or "What is your current learning goal?"

Teacher challenge

Try turning an assignment into a student choice board that gives students more ownership of the activity.

Together with your students, brainstorm options that include low tech, high tech and no tech options.

More about choice boards

Example of a choice board:

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