5 Themes of Austin

By: Trenton Schoonmaker


Austin is part of the hill country region of central Texas. Anywhere you go around Austin, there are lots of hills that you get to see and drive through.

Photo from: voicesofthehills.org


Austin is located at 30.2500 degrees North, 97.75 degrees West.

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Some cultural characteristics of Austin include the biking community, lots of live music, and good local food.

Photos by: southernliving.com, fineartamerica.com, do512.com


People move to Austin for many reasons. The music, the jobs, the schools, and many more reasons. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities right now.

Photo by: stuckattheairport.com

Human Environment Interaction

Austin is a growing city so we are always having to build new roads and homes for people to live in. As we do this people are also thinking of ways for Austin to be "green" and help save the planet.

Photo by: freese.com