Standards Based Language Learning

The Pathway to Proficiency

Standards in PLAIN ENGLISH.

Trying to make sense of the World Language Standards? Read this kid and parent friendly version or WATCH this quick presentation.
World Language Standards in Plain English
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Exceeds? Meets? Progressing? What does it all mean?

Read THIS for a good explanation of what each progress indicator means in language learning.
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NOTE: Students should not settle for Progressing!

Proficiency, think of it like driving a car, taking a journey or climbing the Eiffel Tower.... Allez, viens!

Think of Standards Based learning and Grading like a road trip. There will be bumps, twists, as well as ups and downs along the way, but the end result is that students arrive safely at his or her destination and prove they are proficient “drivers.” Read More...
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Check points! On y va!

I can statements are like “destinations and road check points.”

French 7 Unit I Can Statements

French 8 Unit I Can Statements

Understanding Proficiency levels...Our Goal: Novice High

Here are two GREAT explanations of proficiency levels in language learning!

Let's Talk Crêpes!

Novice High: The Fighter!

World Readiness Standards Overview
This video comes from an elementary school, but the ideas of Standard Based Learning and Grading are universal.
Standards Based Grading