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Incorporating Essential Oils into your daily routine

Product spotlight: Vetiver for focus and attention

Are you having trouble focusing, or are you feeling run down? A recently published experimental study examining the effects of inhaled Vetiver essential oil found that the oil possesses refreshing properties that may make it a go-to oil for those looking to stay on task. Instead of reaching for your morning (or afternoon) cup of coffee or tea, try reaching for your bottle of Vetiver essential oil. Vetiver can be diffused at work or at home to help create a focused environment for yourself or your loved ones.

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Chemistry of Essential Oils Webinar

Monday, July 25th, 7pm

This is an online event.

"CHEMISTRY OF ESSENTIAL OILS" By Patti Leupp & Karla Glesson

Chemistry is the backbone of life on earth and is intricately involved in the world around us. In terms of essential oils, the chemical profile is what determines the oil's mechanism of action and function in the human body. Join us to we discuss the topic on July 25.

This Webinar Class is designed for everyone wanting to learn about essential oils. You do not have to be a member and their is no cost to attend this in home webinar training!!