Helpful Strategies to Remember

Remember what you learn easier!

There are certain proven terms & ways to improve memory.

  • A good way is drill & practice & repetition.
  • Another way we improve memory is elaborative rehearsal. This is connecting new information to memories already stored.
  • There is also mnemonic devices, this is a strategy used to associate new info with old info, which makes it easier to retrieve.
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There are many other techniques used to improve ones memory!

  • Attention is imperative to allow information to move from short-term to long-term memory. Allow yourself time with no distractions to study.
  • Don't rush! Studying in sessions instead of one marathon is proven to help students process the information better.
  • Organize, organize, organize! Have a structure to your studying.
  • Visualization is important! Charts, pictures, various colored pens & highlighters all help.
  • Teach others. Teaching others the information you're learning can help with the recall.
  • Give extra attention to particularly difficult information.
  • Change it up! Varying your study routine can help improve your long-term memory of the subject you're studying.
  • SLEEP!! Adequate sleep is important to your memory. Also napping after you learn something can help you learn faster and remember it better.