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Harrington Elementary - February 2nd, 2017

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Harrington Elementary School

1540 Baffin Bay Drive

Plano TX 75075

Dear Harrington Parents,

The HARRINGTON School community was very excited to learn we achieved a 5 star rating from the Texas Education Agency in September 2016. One of those stars is based on attendance rates reaching a minimum or 96.5. Harrington typically averages a 97.5 attendance rate. You can see this is a strong %, but it is easily affected by absences which can be avoided. There is also new grading system for Texas schools and that attendance rating in domain 4 scored a B. We missed an A rating by .10%

One of the most common misunderstandings about attendance is that absences are "excused", especially if a parent requests a vacation period during regular school days. Even though such absences are often excused by the administration, the days still count as days off campus when annual attendance is reviewed by the state. Also, tardies accrue to absences with 3 tardies =equaling 1 absence day. Tardies begin at 7:45.

This school year marks a high rate of absences and tardies. We had 1,070 absences and 479 tardies since August 23, 2016 through January 31, 2017. We always adjust our tardy arrival time when there is bad weather, even rainy weather, so that we do not penalize anyone in difficult circumstances. If you arrive after 9 AM, the entire day is counted as an absence. If you have a doctor, dentist and related therapy appointments with an excuse note on the same day of service, those absences will not count in the system.

How can you help us achieve a strong recognition rating from TEA in 2016-17 regarding attendance? The most important things are getting to school on time and aligning vacations to the school calendar. Always get an excuse note at the doctor’s office and present it when you sign your child in for late arrival. Thank you for supporting the school staff! Mrs. Barnard and I are available to answer any questions you may have about state attendance policies and our implementation processes on campus.

To encourage on time arrival, we developed a Don’t Be Tardy for the Party award for a primary class and an intermediate class in recognition of strong rate of being in school and on time. We will award these 2 classes at our next 9 week’s assembly. Thank you for being supportive parents!


Ann Irvine

Principal –Harrington Elementary

MP Kids was awarded the Diversity Service Leadership Award!!

PISD hosts an annual awards and recognition ceremony each January for PISD students, parents, and staff who exemplify the leadership qualities needed to make our world the very place it can be. The qualities of empathy and giving to the less fortunate are hallmarks of the Mission Possible Kids program at Harrington. These qualities make MP Kids a sound nominee for an MLK award.

On January 19th MP Kids won the group service award for extraordinary accomplishments of giving locally, nationally, and internationally to kids and adults in need. The service projects ranged from collecting birthday cake mixes so that homeless children could have birthday celebrations all the way to crafting pillows for child refugees in the Middle East. Way to go Mission Possible Kids!

Please stop by and view the trophy won at the MLK awards. It will be displayed temporarily at the front desk. The it will be placed with the past honors in our display case near third grade. Many thanks to PTA board member Melissa Woods and CSC teacher Jennifer Bishop for faithfully planning each MP Kids project and delivering the results to children and adults in needs.

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- Counselor's Corner -

2017 Plano ISD Parent Workshops

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Dear Parents, the following workshops are now being offered to those who need it:

  • Building Bright Futures – Parenting & Understanding the Child with ADHD and ADD
  • Parenting the Strong Willed Child

Please see the attached flyers for more information!

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Plano Lacrosse Association is now open for registration!! Please follow this link for more details:
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Harrington PTA

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