Candy Land

By: Megan Downs


RESOURCES: sugar, chocolate, candy

POPULATION: 30,852 people (most of the population is city residents because it is easier access to candy. Most people live in the city of their preferred flavor of candy.)


ALLIES: Cuba, Mexico

ENEMIES: United States, Cupcakeville


Snickers, Reeces, KitKat, Milky-Way, Hersey Bar, Butterfingers, Twix, Skittles, Nerds, Starburst, and Twizzlers.

Since Candy Land's government is Unitary, all power is held by a single, central agency. The central agency is located in Candy Land's biggest city, Snickers.

LOCATION: Island in Gulf of Mexico

NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES: Mexico, United States, Cuba, Cupcakeville


Candy Land is an oligarchy totalitarian dictatorship. All power is held by a small, self-appointed group of three people, and that group has total control over every aspect of the citizen's life. The three musketeers make up the small group that is in complete power.

It's government is Unitary. All power is held by a single, central agency. The power is only distributed between the three musketeers and no one else can participate in government. Decisions and laws are made and enforced through them.

We are a dictatorship, so we do not have presidential or parliamentary.

Since we are a dictatorship, we run on a closed economy. Having a closed economy means that no imports are brought in and no exports are sent out.

Because we are a dictatorship there is no need for more than one political party in my country. The reason for having one would be so that the three musketeers can seek goals that we want to achieve in our country.


  • must eat a piece of candy three times a day
  • must work in the candy factory if unemployed
  • be respectful towards each other

Everyone is employed in Candy Land. If you don't have a job, you are forced to work at a candy factory in one of the cities. The law eliminates problems of people being unemployed and makes the country extremely wealthy.


Candy Land is struggling to keep population because of Cupcakeville, its enemy. People struggle to pick what their sweet tooth cravings because we are Candy Land, and have tons of candy to pick from. It is our job to bring in as many sweets into our country as possible, so our citizens are happy. We recently heard about how good Cupcakeville's cupcakes taste and people are dying to try them. Cupcakeville doesn't trade their cupcakes with us because they are the only country that makes them and are trying to bring more people in. We export our candy to them hoping we will get cupcakes in return, but they won't give. Many of our population is migrating to Cupcakeville because of how good their cupcakes taste.