The Mayans

By: Jackson Horton


Mayan homes were made from stone,mud,and dirt in a rectangular shape. Roofs were made from straw, palms, and wood.

Farmers and Hunters

Mayans were farmers and hunters. They grew corn,squash,beans,and chili. They grew these on a flat hill so the rain didn’t erode the poor jungle soil. They hunted with spears and arrows. They hunted deer, turkey, fish, and ducks.


Tools were usually made from wood and stone. Some tools were: hoes,axes,spears, and arrows.


Clothing was made from cotton,hemp and other sources. They dyed it the color they needed then wove masterpieces for all different occasions.


Mayans ate corn,tortillas,porridge, and even drinks. They had squash,beans,and chili from what they grew. Deer, turkey, fish, and duck to eat were gathered through hunting and fishing.


The Mayans had many traditions. They painted,had fluent writing,gods,and tales.One tale is called the Loyal Dog.I had to summarize since it was so long.

A dog was mistreated by his master and whipped. A evil spirit wanted the dogs soul.The spirit says he will let the dog free for his soul. The dog refuses and stays loyal but eventually the spirit convinces the dog. For every hair on the dog’s body he would get a bone for his soul. When the spirit counted most of the dog’s hairs the dog jumped causing him to lose count. The spirit counted one hundred times and each time the dog jumped.The spirit finally gave up and the dog stayed loyal.

Fun Facts

1.They’re still numerous Mayans living in their home region.

2.The Mayans used to give human blood sacrifices but now use chicken blood to continue their many traditions.

3.The Mayans had pain killers and many other medicine.

4. Mayans made ball courts for entertainment just like today but out of different materials and different shapes.

5. The Mayans last state lasted until 1697.