Easter Island

An island full of mysterious statues.


The closest land mass to Easter Island is Pitcairn which is 1,289 miles away. The second closest land mass is Chile which is 2,180 miles away. Easter island is located in the pacific ocean.

What makes Easter Island so special?

Easter Island is home to over eight hundred statues. The statues are called moia on Easter Island. Above ground you just see a huge head but scientists have found that the heads are attached to bodies. Easter Island is also home to 5,806 people who call the island Rapa Nui. The early natives were believed to have made the Moia to signify a family of group.

Easter Island history.

Easter island was founded on Easter day in 1722 by dutch explorers. There were already natives living on the island when it was discovered. Upon arrival the explorers killed ten natives with in minutes. The natives were believed to have settled on Easter Island about 700 AD. The natives came from the west.

They flourished from rich sea life and good land for farming. They were able to feed a growing population of up to 12,000 people. The population significantly dropped from 12,000 to only 111 because of man made and natural disasters.