Illegal downloading

It's free, until someone finds out

Downloading illegally is paying twice the cost

Illegal downloading is also known as piracy is a thing that many courageous people do to get movies. Downloading video, images and ebooks illegally will send you fees up to $1000 if you are caught illegally downloading. You think its free but it's not.

It's not just you that suffers

Every bad action you do will hurt you or someone else in the world. If you illegally download something you could get fined but not just that, the person that made the movie doesn't get the money for the movie. Most of the time the item you just downloaded illegally is something they do for a living.

Unless you have permission it's not free


Airdrop is something that a lot of people do, especially students. It was meant for sending innocent images and files but it wasn't meant for illegal downloading movies.

Using USB's

Using USB's to sent others files and movies is not a new thing to the internet it is the oldest form of illegally downloading.

Much much more

There are so many ways to illegally download but I won't give you anymore ideas ;)