FFF Auckland CBD

Core Leaders Meeting: 7.00 pm [May 12] REMINDER

Core Leaders May 12 @ 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm TAB LOUNGE

FFF Core Leaders Monthly Meeting: Updated Agenda

PLEASE take some time to pray before the meeting

Please think about other issues that we need to address and jot them down so you remember these

Issues arising from past meeting [s’] Delegations

a. IT [Daniel in process/back up needed]

b. Transport [Still needing a PIC]

c. Kitchen [Negin has this flowing well]

d. Set up [Those who arrive early are doing this well]

e. Clean up [Negin is sorting a roster]

f. Kitchen protocols so everything is left in place - needing an appointee ?

g Admin Negin is working well

h. Kids helpers to review and advise

2. Pot Luck Dinner implementation [flowing well ? feedbacks?]

3. Pastoral teams [Not working well yet ? not sure it is flowing and being picked up by all ? what needs to happen to ensure this part works well ?

4. Issues arising from the weekly conversations [Bruce/Paul/Roger]

  • Picnic Coordinator [Monthly event]
  • Financial Workshop
  • Tuesday BS Growth and Multiplication
  • FFF Gatherings in Auckland Multiplication
  • Cleaning up on Sundays
  • Need for ongoing positive spiritual input for Core leaders
  • Giving to FFF
  • Sermon 15 minutes [1 point]
  • Discussion 35 - 45 minutes key questions
  • Discussion Gp leader briefing and prayer 4.00 pm
  • Pastoral Delegations to confirm around the gp
  • Oversight of Pastoral Delegations [Roger]

Thinking about the past month:

  • Sunday gatherings
  • MBB BS
  • Queen Esther
  • Growth Strategy

· What has gone well ?

· What has not gone well?

· What do we need to do to change/improve?


  • To review all MBB and attendees

Finances [Paul to email summary report]

Leadership report [Paul to email summary report]

Cover for Parental Paul and Esther