PFES - Board Report

September 15, 2020

September Activities and Accomplishments

  • Trained the staff and students with social distancing procedures that were planned in the summer.
  • Continuing to improve the use of tech teaching stations to communicate and teach smoothly with students in multiple locations. This remains a large challenge.
  • We are seeing a decline in students using at-home learning from a high of 36 to a current 26 students.
  • The afternoon car line is working smoothly and I will be adding a fourth, and possibly 5th and 6th parking position to speed the process. Currently, the first pickups are beginning at approximately 2:25 pm and the last pickups are typically at 2:40 pm, which coincides with the bus departure for the home routes.
  • I have begun my observations of teachers as part of our Educator Effectiveness plan.
  • Our Professional Learning Communities will begin the last week of this month.
  • Planned student picture day for September 25. This includes all PFES campus staff photos as well.

Fall Assessments

Aimsweb - Aimsweb is a benchmark and progress monitoring system based on direct, frequent. and continuous student assessment using brief, accurate measures of reading, math, spelling, and writing. The Aimsweb Assessment team is lead by Traci Miller and includes Joan Minnema, Daren Patterson, Jess Blue, myself for the in-person tests and the classroom teachers monitor the online tests. This will be completed on schedule.

B.E.S.T. - The BEST assessment is a behavioral screener. This screening is done by one or more teachers that know the student well. It looks at external and internal behaviors with each child and then provides guidance on behavioral interventions teachers can employ to help the child grow in specific areas. We can look at the data by individual student, class, grade, or school. The BEST, created by Dr. Eric Hartwig, includes recommended strategies to minimize or reduce the negative markers in a child's screener. The BEST screener Window is in October.