By Daniel.S.Hammond

The Man

There once was a man that lived in a can.

The man tried to take a tan in a pan.

The man went for a walk.

And saw a hawk.

The man saw a mouse.

And ran in a house.

He saw a lady.

She looked kinda maid-y.

She hit him with her purse.

He needed a nurse.

He ran out the door.

And counted to four.

He ran up a tree.

And saw me.

Big Meal

There once was a cat.

The cat ate a bat.

A mat ate the cat.

A hat ate the mat.

A rat ate the hat.

A knat ate the rat.

Now the knat is realy fat.

Realy High Up

There once was a frog.

That was on a log.

The log was on a hog.

The hog was on some fog.

Wait a hog cant be on fog.

OH NO AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!