Siege of Leningrad

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Almost two million Soviet citizens died in Leningrad or along military fronts between 1941 and 1944. Of that total, almost one million civilians died within the city itself.

Siege of Leningrad

Monday, Sep. 8th 1941 at 9pm

Leningrad, Russia

The Germans tried to overtake Leningrad because they were under the control of Adolf Hitler, who wanted to claim the world as his. Finland was an allie in this battle, and after the Germans began the siege, the Soviets did not surrender. Even with the 400,000 children in Leningrad, they were prepared to put up a fight to make sure the Germans did not fully take over the Soviet Union.


There were many people who wanted to help fight against the Germans. One of them being Georgy Khukov. Khukov did everything he could to save Leningrad, including executing many Soviet soldiers who did not seem fit to protect Leningrad.