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U.S. District Court

District courts are federal courts where trials are being and held and lawsuits are begun.Districts also have original jurisdiction and this is for all federal cases.They also handle cases for civil and criminal.

U.S. Court of Appeal

In this court review decisions are made in the lower district courts.This court is also known as the Appellate Jurisdiction which is the authority to hear a case appealed from the lower court and each of the 12 U.S. courts of Appeal covers a particular geographic area is called a circuit.

Magistrate Judges

These judges decide that people who are accused go to jail or get bailed out. They also do the judges routine work and they can hear preliminary evidence to decide whether the case needs to go on trial.

U.S. Marshals

Every federal judicial district has one. The U.S. make arrest,collect fines,and take convicted people to prison.