Unicorns Pre-K

March 31-April 4

Class Books

Each week the students make a class book highlighting the letter of the week. You may take these books home to read with your child. Simply sign out the book and sign it back in when you return it. The books are in cardboard holders on the sand table. Meg and I will be happy to show you our creative class books!

Caterpillars and Praying Mantis

If you have a book about a caterpillar or praying mantis that your child would like to share with the class, please bring it in and we will read it.

A Fun Week

The letter Ss

We started the week with Monday Math. The children rotated through 6 math stations. The focus was number recognition and one to one correspondence. Ms. Ann Marie brought a puppy from SAVE Animal Shelter and cheerio bird feeders were made to hang in the tree outside the classroom window.

Tuesday was all about snakes. The children made number snakes that allowed them to demonstrate their knowledge of the numbers 11-20. Each student developed their own pattern to decorate a letter S to look like a snake. We even had real snake skin to touch!

Wednesday we exploded a bar of soap! This would be fun to do at home too. Put a bar of ivory soap in the microwave for 2 minutes. The students made their S class book. It is titled, On Top of Spaghetti. Ask you child to sing you the song, On Top of Spaghetti, it is a class favorite. You can find a cute cartoon of this song on YouTube.

Thursday...The children had a sky snack (blue jello, cool whip, and a star fruit). Thank you to Isabela's mom for bringing us so many snacks that begin with the letter S. Our windows are so beautifully decorated with sun catchers and the handprint sun is magnificent.

Friday was a day of spiders and spider webs. We explored different numbers we can add together to get 8. (spiders have 8 legs)

A peek at this week

You have probably heard from your child, that our classroom had some ants last week. The children could not have been more thrilled! They spent so much time following, catching, and examining these little pests. The kids even think we should leave food on the floor to attract more ants. Since there is such an interest in the ants, we will spend the week learning all about ants.