Team Goodlet Newsletter

January 2017 Edition | December 2016 Stats


Entire Downline Stats - December 2016

  • Entire Downline: $18,671.17
  • Team Sales: $13,077.92
  • Parties: 21
  • 25 Consultants (including me)
  • 0 New Team Members
  • 2 Directors (including me)
  • 1 Senior Consultant


Top 2 in Personal Volume!

Big image
Big image

Keep up the good work!

Melissa Crawford - $492.87

Amber Harris - $414.98

Aimee Fugate - $328.93

Carrie Chapman - $322

Submitted an order!

Kelly Muscarella

Amanda Signor

Candy Cripple

Michelle Ryan

Denise Cooper

Taryn Hale


Top Party Girls

Two or more parties in December:

Teri Childers - 8

Jenelle McKitterick - 2

Misty Skaggs - 2

Charissa Buchanan - 2


My December Stats


Ready for Leadership?

Benefits of being a Director:

  • Earn extra commission on personal sales
  • Earn overrides on team sales
  • Opportunity to earn bonuses
  • Opportunity to earn the leadership trip (cruise to the BAHAMAS this coming year!)
  • Invitations to Directors Only events
  • Directors Only amenities
  • Recognition at National Conference
  • Help others achieve THEIR dreams

And the list goes on!!!

Teri and I love being directors! Ask us questions about this because we love to share it!

How can you promote to Director?

You must have the following to enter into Director in Qualification (DIQ):

  • 4 personally enrolled qualified & active recruits
  • $1,000 in personal volume
  • $4,000 in team volume

Any consultant has what it takes to be a Director. You must know your goal, believe in yourself and be motivated to take the steps to make it happen! Remember, we ALL started the same way - with a $99 sales kit!

Wanna find out more? Ask me!

Show Me The Money!

Based on my stats above, a consultant earning 25% commission would earn $512.92 in commission. Based on our team and downline sales, a Director or above could earn paychecks as shown below:

Director: $1,017.12 (this was my paycheck!)

Senior Director: $1,437.20

Executive Director: $1,739.79

Senior Executive Director: $2,042.38

National Executive Director: $2,098.31