Peek at the Week

Mrs. Bennett's First Grade Newsletter, September 11-15

A Note From the Teacher

The class is doing well adjusting to the routine and academic expectations of first grade. I am proud of them for trying their best. My students are always encouraged to try even if they might make a mistake. That is how I know they are listening and learning. It is better to try and make a mistake than not try at all. I absolutely LOVE this group of kids and I truly look forward to coming to work everyday! Thanks for all of your support and sharing your kids with me each day!

Week 3 Reminders

*Parent Conference Sign Up:

*Please return the Panther folder and initial the calendar each day.

*Homework will be sent home in the RED homework folder each Friday. It is due on Thursdays. Don't forget to take out the spelling list if you turn in the homework early.

*Our field trip to P-6 Farms is scheduled for Thursday, October 26th. Permission slips will be sent home in October. Please sign up to be a volunteer if you wish to attend any events this year. Your background check must be renewed every year.

Link :

*Don't forget to send in a family picture for our family board if you have not done so. These will be returned in May.

*Please return library books every Tuesday.

*Class wish list: hand sanitizer and water colors

- graham crackers, chocolate chips and white icing (for a math activity next Friday!!!).

I appreciate all of the donations already made!

* Wee Deliver opens 9/28. They are in need of stationary and stickers.


Reader's Workshop

Students will practice reading with a partner and making a movie in their mind about how the book might go before they read it. They will look at the cover, words and pictures to make predictions. We will practice stopping while reading and monitoring ourselves for understanding. I will model how this might look and then we will practice, practice, practice!

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop, we will continue to work on becoming more independent writers who add detailed illustrations to plan out our stories. Students will learn how to stretch out a word like a rubber band by saying it really slowly. Then, they write down each sound that they hear and keep saying it until they have all the sounds recorded. Students will practice planning their stories by telling the story out loud to someone to see if it makes sense and making a movie in their minds. We will be using dialogue and the word wall in our stories as well as post-it notes to add details. A writer's work is never done!

Literacy Stations

Our literacy stations have been going well. Please encourage your child to use his/her time wisely and complete any unfinished work that comes home on Mondays. I will continue to test reading levels this week. I will be reviewing nouns and setting this week as well as the subject and predicate of a sentence. We will be doing a group project on Friday that will incorporate creating a "setting" for people in the community.

Math Workshop

In math this week, I will assess what students what we have learned about graphing and begin a unit on 2-D shapes. I will review math games to be played during math stations. We will continue to review subitizing and graphing throughout the week. I'm looking forward to playing subitizing flash using graham crackers, icing and chocolate chips! Eating our math is so much fun! Let me know if you would like to donate any of these items.


I'm thrilled to begin our first inquiry unit on community. An inquiry unit is a way to represent the process of problem solving. My teaching philosophy is that guiding children to become problem solvers will help them reach their full potential in life. Each unit will start with a guiding question and provide rich experiences in investigation, creation, discussion and reflection. Today, we will brainstorm everything we already know about our community and read a book called, "Officer Buckle and Gloria". We love to have parents and community members share what they do. If you or someone you know would like to do a 20-30 minute presentation to our class about your job or helping our community be a better place, please contact me. We love visitors!


Short i - see spelling list in red folder

Optional Challenge Test on Friday, September 15, 2016

*Please send me a note in the folder or e-mail as the date gets closer if you would like your child to be tested on these words.

rules, laws, school, community, citizen, respect, responsibility, integrity