My Digital Dossier - 2003 - 2016 -

By Elina: A project about my digital dossier.

The Very Beginning....

What IS a Digital Dossier?

A digital dossier is where your web browser tracks what you put online and do online. What you do online leaves a trail to what you are doing. Your digital dossier starts before you even put your own content! When you were young, the content online that directly points at you is usually your birth record, your citizenship, important details, and hospital reports. Your dossier expands more when you put more content online, other records are stated like school records, or criminal records, and your activity online increases.

From Till Now...

When I was 11

At the age of 11, I started to use YouTube to watch videos and comments feedback. I still don't use much social media since I don't have an account, I started to play games online and fell in love with video games but I still do more projects online and Google information online and I continue to do it till now basically. My dossier increased in information. That about it, my digital dossier is pretty boring but whatever, it shows who I am.
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