Children's Museum Exhibit

The History and Background of Japanese Food


All of the websites give a brief description about the history of Japan, the history of Japanese food, and the different kinds of meals you can prepare. and tell about the history of Japanese food, and how it was first made. and give you the top Japanese dishes. is a Japanese restaurant site. All of these websites tied together my information very well.

Japanese Dishes

Japanese Food & Culture Exhibit

I think that a Japanese Food & Culture Exhibit should enter the Children's Museum because it will attract teenagers. It will attract teenagers by giving out samples of Japanese cuisines. I'm pretty sure all teens love free food!! Not only will it hand out free food, but you will also get taught how to make some Japanese dishes. Learning about the culture and history of Japan and the history if its food is pretty cool. In my research, I learned that each person in Japan consumes more than 150 pounds of fish per year! Wow!!
Lunch at Kabuto's