Classroom Resources

Check out these resources that teachers can use in the class is a great resource to use. It is full of educational games and educational links for students to use but this is also full of helpful links for teachers. is dedicated to improving the K-12 learning process by documenting, disseminating, and advocating innovative, replicable, and evidence-based strategies that prepare students to thrive in their future education, careers, and adult lives.

Video Tour of Edutopia: What Works in Education

The Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel is a video showcase—on the Internet and TV—of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools. They have a rapidly growing community of registered members who trade ideas and share inspiration from each other.


EdPuzzle is a really cool tool for teachers to use. You can take videos off line, for example a video from youtube, and make it your own. You can crop the video, add voice overs, and even add quizzes to any point of your video to track student progress. I decided to give EdPuzzle a try and discovered how useful this tool can be in the classroom. I took a video off of youtube about symmetry and added questions to the video to track if the students were learning from the video. I can see myself using the website in the future. To check out my video click here!

Crop a video


Pinterest is a great websites for teachers to use. You can search anything on it and get connected with hundreds of websites that can help you. For example if you search "addition lessons" hundreds on "pins" will pop up to connect you to sites about addition.

Pinterest Tutorial

Ted Talks

Ted is a great website to use for teachers. Ted Talks have become increasingly popular in elementary schools because they offer creative insight in to numerous subjects. I would use Ted in the classroom because I believe that using videos and guess speakers at certain points is more beneficial and interesting to the students. For example watching a video of a Holocaust survivor speak or like the video down below, a video about new information about dinosaurs. Ted has hundreds of videos that can be used in schools.

Easelly is a helpful website where you can create your own infographs. Teachers can use this site to help create materials to use in a lesson or students can use this site for class projects and assignments.


Myhistro provides a venue for stories displayed on maps. Watch and read thousands of fascinating timelines, or create your own complete with text, video, and pictures to create a dynamic timeline mashup. Use professionally developed maps or have students develop their own working collaboratively or individually.


Flipsnack is an application used to convert PDF files into a flipping book that is easy to use. Simply upload a PDF file, customize the book, and share. The online flip books are designed to resemble regular print books. You can choose a classic, hardcover, coil, or interactive flip format for your book, as well as a book size. Color options for the cover and background are also offered. Finished flip books can be published privately or publicly and edited at any time.

Workflowy is an easy to use outliner/organizer that also functions as a to-do list. Logging on, you see a blank page that looks like a word processing document. After you type your first item, everything thing you type becomes part of one giant list. You can have sub-lists and nested-lists and the best part is that you can click on any topic and you will see a new page with all of the related items. Workflowy can easily be used in many educational settings, but can really be helpful in organizing assignments. Grades 6-12.