Joel's Digital Footprint Evaluation

By: Joel Montenegro

Digital Footprint

  • A digital footprint is Information about what a person does online.
  • It's important because it can affect the person in the future like if they want to get a job and if they want to go to college.

Tools Best Represent My Digital Footprint

  • Twitter
  • Blogger
  • My website


  • The Purpose was for personal and school use.
  • This impacts my digital footprint in a helpful way.
  • It says about me that I give information to others, help the school out, and convince people to come.
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  • The purpose was for my 20% project in my Digital Lit class.
  • This impacts my digital footprint in a positive way.
  • It says about me that I give updates on my progress.
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My Website

  • The purpose of my website is for my 20% project.
  • This Impacts me in a positive way.
  • It says about me that I put effort into my work.
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Impact on my Digital Footprint

  • The impact on footprint is helpful but it's also harmful.
  • It's helpful because on my Twitter account I post information about school events like for example I posted on my Twitter about basketball tryouts.
  • It's harmful because on my Facebook account some of my friends post bad comments on my wall that can affect my digital footprint and I don't post that much stuff on my twitter account.


  • I will improve by posting a lot of information for example I will post a lot about school events and questions that I have.
  • Help others online with information about an event and show a lot of school spirit.

Learned This Semester

  • I learned that a digital footprint can affect the person for the rest their lifes.
  • I'm going to keep a positive digital footprint by not posting anything inappropriate but I will post a lot of positive things and give out my thoughts.
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