American Teens Lie, Cheat, & Steal

Chuck Colson, BreakPoint

Important Quotes

"2008 Report Card on the Ethics of American youth"........ This quote is important because it's how we the teens are acting out this day and what they do.

"Admitted stealing from store within past year".......... This is another quote that is important in the article because the article is talking about how the teens are doing, also it's because teens are acting out it's results paint a troubling picture of our future politicians and parents, cops and corporate executives, and journalists and generals. that is how is affecting the future.

Important Vocabulary

Ethics- moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior

Contemporary Ethics- Ethics that are going to stay like they are which means umtemporay.

Morals- a lesson, especially one concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information, or an experience.

Despite- without being affected by; in spite of.

Attitudes- a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior.

Admissions- a statement acknowledging the truth of something.

Main idea of article

The main idea was that the teens could mess up American's future if the keep doing what they are doing and acting like they don't care. And also the youth are acting out and they think is all fine when it's not its messing there future.

Authors Purpose

The author want to tell us about the youth this day that is messing up the future because the don't care what the do.