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Offers a Unique GSM Solution to Cell Phone Problems

Cintex Wireless

Interested in saving money? Of course you are, which is why you should consider Cintex Wireless as your cell service provider. Great talk, text and data plans are what they offer, meaning you’ll always get the value you deserve. The mission of Cintex Wireless is to be a friend to the consumer with straightforward and affordable wireless plans, services and freedom.

Straightforward Cell Service Available through Cintex Wireless Professionals

Too often will wireless consumers sign up for a long-term wireless contract, only to be inundated with surprising and costly overage fees, hidden costs and restrictive conditions that limit the quality of their wireless experience. Cintex Wireless takes a different approach, one of affordability and simplicity that never leads to needless and costly surprises.

Cintex Wireless believes that everyone should have the right to straightforward cell service, which is why they’ve developed simple and cost-effective plans that work for, and not against, your budget. Cintex Wireless professionals approach the wireless market a little differently, emphasizing the need for honesty and accountability when it comes to giving wireless consumers the most value for their dollar. They know that the last thing you and your family need is a product that comes with strings attached, and that complexity is not an idea that has to be synonymous with a great wireless plan.

Cintex Wireless is a straightforward company. Their approach is simple: to make your wireless service plan as easy to understand and use as possible. No longer will you have to face the threat of hidden fees or complex conditions. Long-term restrictive contracts aren’t available at Cintex Wireless. Only the simplest and budget-friendly cell service plans are accessible through their dedicated wireless team.

Cintex Wireless fights to make wireless easy and accessible. You’ll never find something you didn’t expect through their company, and you’ll never have to worry about a contract that makes your life difficult, or that places an undue burden on your budget.

Cintex Wireless: Affordable Web Surfing

Smart phones, like it or not, are now an indispensable part of our lives, providing access to not only instant call connectivity, but also to emails, news, information and more. A great data plan from Cintex Wireless gives you the opportunity to use the internet when, where and how you need it, giving you great service and affordability you just can’t find anywhere else.

Cintex Wireless wants you to have the web surfing capability you need to get the best experience with your device. They know that a lenghty service contract, and many of the major cell service providers, charge way too much for data service plan, placing restrictions and adding hidden costs that lead to high rates of customer dissatisfaction. Cintex Wireless provides service packages that provide you only what you need, giving you the data needed to be as productive and effective as possible.

Cintex Wireless is all about affordable web surfing. Enjoyment is what they’re all about. Their professionals have designed service plans ranging from 100MB to 1GB of data, providing you, the wireless consumer, access to only the plan you need. Don’t sign up for something you can’t afford, a plan that offers data you’ll never be able to use. Trust Cintex Wireless for the data plan that will empower your device with only the data you truly need and can afford.

Cintex Wireless is your data plan leader, and will continue to provide the data plans that wireless consumers need to get the most satisfaction possible from their devices.

Cintex Wireless: A Plan That Will Fit Into Any Budget

The line of affordable and easy to understand phone plans available through Cintex Wireless can fit into any consumer’s wireless budget. Tack on great customer service and the freedom of GSM technology, it is really no wonder that Cintex Wireless is the most trusted source for wireless innovation and service in the entire industry. People are catching on to what has become the premiere wireless destination throughout the United States.

Cintex Wireless plans start as low as $5, and offer you a range of options that provide you the chance to buy only what you need. The GSM technology that Cintex Wireless is based on offers freedom and affordability to anyone with a GSM-capable handset, meaning that you’ll never have to buy an expensive new phone to tap into the amazing array of Cintex Wireless services.

Your budget is their focus. Seeing an opportunity to help out the wireless consumer, and to save them money, Cintex Wireless went to work on plans that have reached the pinnacle of wireless affordability. The innovation at the center of their business model has been an indispensable asset to thousands of wireless customers, and can have an amazingly minimal impact on your phone budget.

Cintex Wireless has ignored the critics by developing plans that actually meet the consumer’s needs, not their own bottom line. Success, as they know, is rooted in the customer, the person that always gets the most focus and attentive care at Cintex Wireless. Their professionals are your wireless allies, and will continue to fight for your wireless satisfaction.

Cintex Wireless: Your Wireless Friend

Great wireless service is only a click away. Your friends at Cintex Wireless are ready, willing and available to give you fast and affordable wireless plans without the hassle of a contract or credit check.

Cintex Wireless is a friend to those who are tired of the same old lenghty contracts, overage fees, conditions and needless hassles that come with the service plan of a major provider. Other providers simply talk about affordability and simplicity, never carrying through with their promise to be a customer-oriented wireless company. Cintex Wireless does much more than just talk about the importance of the customer, and about affordability and great coverage. They make a point out of actually carrying through with their promises, consistently offering the best service experience on the market.

Cintex Wireless is your wireless friend. For years you’ve depended on major brands and providers to give you wireless coverage, only to find out that they never had your best interests in mind or at heart. This is not your fault. You just weren’t aware of the amazing deals, services and customer-focused experience of Cintex Wireless, which continues to rise to the top of the wireless industry with innovation and affordability. They place value on the customer service experience, and do their best to live up to that value during every transaction or customer support experience.

Cintex Wireless is your friend, ally and more trusted wireless associate. They are a name you know you can trust, someone that delivers on every promise and works towards the best solution for every customer.

Cintex Wireless: Who Needs a Credit Check?

Tired of having your financial background fully vetted and explored every time you go to purchase a wireless plan? With Cintex Wireless, you can get the high-quality talk, text and data plans you need to succeed without the need for a senseless credit check. Cintex Wireless professionals understand that you need great wireless now, and that your financial history is your business.

Long-term contracts, needless credit checks and useless hassle are not part of the CIntex Wireless customer service experience. They understand that great products, as well as a fast and affordable experience, are truly what unparalleled wireless coverage is all about. They will never force you to go through the embarrassment of a credit check, or to lock you in to a contract that traps you with senseless overage fees, hidden costs and talk, text and data you’ll never want or need. Cintex Wireless promises to provide you only great wireless and nothing more.

CIntex Wireless knows that your job, career and even your personal life depend on your phone. In a world where constant communication and connectivity is the key to success, reliable and affordable wireless service is a must. A Cintex Wireless professional can put you in touch with a great wireless plan today, ensuring you have the service, minutes and connectivity you need to be a success at work, and a hero at home.

Cintex Wireless has never settled for anything less than the best, striving to be the go-to source of great wireless throughout the United States. They focus not only on convenience, but also hassle-free service, which is a contract or credit check is never an option.

Cintex Wireless: Use Your Existing Phone

When you choose the Cintex Wireless team, you’re getting more than just the best in wireless service. You’re also getting freedom and affordability, as well as the opportunity to use your existing phone to begin using amazing wireless plans almost immediately. With Cintex Wireless, your GSM-based phone is automatically compatible with any of their amazing phone plans, allowing you to make calls, text or surf the web as soon as you make the purchase.

GSM technology is beginning the sweep the nation, and Cintex Wireless has taken full advantage of the many benefits of GSM technology in order to supply wireless consumers with the best the industry has to offer. They know the importance of consumer freedom, and work towards meeting that goal with both plans and technology that make it possible. Cintex Wireless professionals are cued in to your wireless needs, and have the line of products and services that will make you smile, and open up a world of liberating wireless possibilities.

Cintex Wireless will never make you buy a new phone in order to use their services. They know that you budget is tight enough as it is, and their desire is to give you a product that is compatible with your phone, and your wallet, right off the bat. They have a genuine appreciation for the consumer’s desire to get the most value from their purchase, and have instituted a line of high-quality wireless plans and products that are value-oriented and ready to use immediately.

Cintex Wireless isn’t afraid to boast their position as the number one wireless provider in the country, even the world!

Cintex Wireless Never Requires a Lengthy Contract

The wireless folks at Cintex Wireless don’t require their customers to sign up for a lengthy, never-ending contract that locks them into terms and conditions they’ll never understand. At Cintex Wireless, wireless customers get to choose daily, weekly and monthly phone plans that fit within their budget and never offer any hidden costs, overage fees or other charges that will surprise them in the end. Wireless customers have a true and genuine wireless ally in Cintex Wireless, the premiere wireless service company in the United States and beyond.

Contracts are a thing of the past. No one seeking wireless services ever wants to be locked down in something that ends up hurting them in the end. Cintex Wireless doesn’t want you to experience the hassle or budget-pain of a ridiculous wireless contract, one that continues to impact your budget and that controls your wireless destiny for years on end. Their hope is to free everyone from the restraints, hassles and frustrations of a long and tedious wireless contract, which is why Cintex Wireless works tirelessly to continuously update and improve their plans in order to better serve the needs of the customer.

Wireless contracts are outdated and a thing of the past. Cintex Wireless understands how fed up you are with your wireless plan, and provides a wonderful alternative to the two year contracts that offer nothing more than the same old thing.

CIntex Wireless is truly a consumer-friendly wireless company who always works in your best interests. They understand that you want better, and that is exactly what they offer.

Cintex Wireless Wants You to Have Unlimited Texting

Are you a texting aficionado? Looking for a way to text without the hassle of a long-term contract? Cintex Wireless now provides unlimited texting with every voice plan that starts at $10 a month. For just $10, anyone can enjoy the benefits of unlimited texting without worrying about surpassing any sort of limit, and without the need to pay any overage fees. Cintex Wireless wants to give you the freedom of unlimited texting because want you to enjoy your wireless coverage.

Cintex Wireless has been meeting people’s wireless needs for years, and has become one of the top cell service providers in the nation. Each customer they serve has a choice of amazingly affordable phone plan options, none of which can be matched by the competition. No company is as committed to affordable phone service or simple and easy to understand plan options as CIntex Wireless, the nationwide leader in GMS-based cell technology.

The benefits of an unlimited text plan are nearly limitless, and allow customers to text wherever and whenever they want without worrying about a giant monthly phone bill. Cintex Wireless makes sure to offer only the products that actually work for the consumer, not wireless service with costly surprise fees or unexpected surcharges. Cintex Wireless wants you to know that affordable service is indeed possible, as well as available at over 100,000 retail outlets across the country.

Make Cintex Wireless your first choice for affordable wireless. You’ll be blown away by their outstanding and affordable phone plans, all of which are designed to benefit the wireless consumer.

Cell Service Provider Cintex Wireless

Need a cell phone service provider you can trust? Cintex Wireless, the number one name in GSM cell technology, has been trusted by many across the United States for unbeatable phone plans, fast activation and unmatched affordability. If you’re looking for a way out of traditional phone contracts, and are out of your wit’s end with overage fees and expensive service, try the professionals at Cintex Wireless.

With literally hundreds of thousands of retail locations offering Cintex Wireless products, it’s no wonder that they are the most convenient and accessible wireless provider in the United States. Their phone plans are easy to activate and won’t put a dent in your wallet. Major phone carriers often offer long and complicated contracts that are hard to follow or understand. Cintex Wireless makes cell service simple, precise and easy to purchase, allowing you to avoid the budget draining impact of long-term phone contracts.

People have been at the beck and call of major carrier contracts for far too long. Cintex Wireless is putting a stop to that, offering a full line of inexpensive, hassle-free plans that start as low as $5 for 30 days of talk and text. As a simple and affordable alternative to traditional long-term wireless contracts, Cintex Wireless removes the potential for costly overage fees, plan upgrades and anything else that poses a legitimate threat to your budget.

Making Cintex Wireless your wireless provider is a no-brainer. Refuse to get caught up in the phone contract run around with simple and affordable phone plans.

Cintex Wireless: Easy to Purchase Airtime

It’s easier than ever before to purchase wireless services. Cintex Wireless plans are sold both online and in nearly 100,000 locations nationwide, meaning wherever you are and whatever you’re looking for, Cintex Wireless can deliver you a cost-effective wireless service plan almost immediately.

Whether online or at one of the many aforementioned retail locations, wireless customers have easy access to a superlative Cintex Wireless phone plan. Their straightforward approach to wireless services has earned them numerous accolades from many within the wireless industry, as well as countless positive reviews from satisfied customers. Cintex Wireless doesn’t just try to be an industry leader, they actually are, and will continue to provide unbeatable customer service and amazing wireless products as long as a need for great wireless exists in the consumer community.

Whether you’re looking for a plan that supports casual wireless usage, unlimited usage or one supported by the United States government, look no further than the wireless experts at Cintex Wireless. The many locations that sell their plans provide wireless customers with the ability to add airtime or recharge their minutes on a moment’s notice. By simply following the instructions on your Cintex Wireless SIM card purchase, you too can begin enjoying your plan in mere minutes, all without the hassle of a credit check or contract.

Test drive the Cintex Wireless difference today to see if their amazing plan deals are right for you and your family. With years of industry experience and expertise, their company professionals are equipped to handle any problem, issue or concern with their service.

Cintex Wireless: Easy Activation

The Cintex Wireless phone service activation process is simple and easy, providing customers with the ability to begin enjoying their new wireless service almost immediately. A leading industry service provider, Cintex Wireless wants everyone to be able to purchase and use their new plan as soon as possible.

The professionals at Cintex Wireless have created a way for customers to not only buy their phone plans, but also to activate them with the simple click of a mouse. The company website allows customers to order a pre-loaded SIM card through a secure purchasing process. The Cintex Wireless pre-loaded SIM card comes stocked with the plan the customer has chosen, and can work in any phone with GSM capability. Cintex Wireless provides the GSM technology because it is proven to allow people the chance to switch phone plans without the need for a brand new phone purchase.

Customers can then activate their wireless SIM card by following the simple activation instructions located on the Cintex Wireless website. After you have received your SIM card, simply go the website and enter the SIM Number into the prompt. This option also allows you to select a service plan for your SIM card, granted your card isn’t pre-loaded. If you have an existing Cintex Wireless SIM card, and have used up your existing plan, you can also activate a new plan directly from through this website option.

You no longer need credit checks or contracts to purchase a quality cell phone usage plan. Cintex Wireless makes plan purchases simple, easy and safe, and will never attempt to lock you in any needless contract.

Cintex Wireless: Communicating With Customers

Customer service is crucial to the effective operation of any business. Cintex Wireless, a telecommunications company, understands that without a strong customer-focused business model, one centered on attentiveness, responsiveness and enthusiasm, they would be unable to effectively provide the amazing and affordable phone plans they currently make available to wireless consumers.

Cintex Wireless provides their customers with an attentive and knowledgeable customer support staff; professionals that are readily available to address any customer problems, questions or concerns regarding their services. Cintex Wireless believes that any good business, particularly one that focuses on telecommunications services, needs to have a solid customer support staff firmly in place. This is why their professionals go out of their way to meet their customers’ needs, and to provide swift and quality resolution to everyone with a problem or concern.

Cintex Wireless representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 8pm Eastern Standard Time, as well as on Saturdays from 10am to 7pm EST. They have the training and the knowledge necessary to provide you with solutions to any problems you may have with their wireless services. They also understand that many consumers may be new to the Cintex Wireless line of high-quality talk, text and data plans, which is why they work nonstop to provide the information people need to get the most enjoyment from the products as soon as possible.

Cintex Wireless is happy to help you get the most from their amazing line of wireless products. Their staff looks forward to serving every customer’s unique wireless needs.

Cintex Wireless Outlines the Federal Lifeline Phone Program

Established by the Federal Communications Commission in 1984, the federally-implemented Lifeline program works to provide low-income people with access to quality telecommunications services. Cintex Wireless, an enthusiastic participant in the Lifeline program, works to promote the program’s awareness, and seeks to provide low income people the phone service they need to have an opportunity for success.

The Lifeline program, says Cintex Wireless, received enhancement from the 1996 Telecommunications Act. The program is currently administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company, which, under the control of the FCC, aims to reduce the monthly cost of basic phone service for low-income telecommunications consumers. Through the Lifeline program, Cintex Wireless offers free airtime minutes to low-income customers, as well as on-demand call-waiting, texting, voicemail and access to 911 emergency services.

Cintex Wireless is proud to be a part of the Lifeline program, which helps millions of low-income people every year benefit from basic telephone services. Cintex Wireless absorbs the cost of both the wireless handset and of its own Lifeline promotion, making sure that low-income consumers are aware of the programs existence and availability.

A customer’s access to the Lifeline program depends on their state residency. Customers living in the states of Maine, Arkansas, Maryland, West Virginia and Rhode Island, and that rely on Food Stamps, SSI and/or Medicaid, says Cintex Wireless, have the opportunity to quality for Lifeline. Cintex Wireless can determine the exact Lifeline benefits a person can qualify for based on the state they live in, as well as the certain types of federal programs they depend on.

Cintex Wireless Offers Consumers Wireless Freedom

You’ve grown accustomed to your phone, relying on it to conduct business, communicate with friends and family, and to connect with the world at-large. Cintex Wireless understands that your device is important to you, which is why they offer GSM-based wireless plan options that allow you to determine the limits of your wireless usage without having to give up your device.

GSM phone technology allows wireless consumers to purchase a phone from any vendor they choose, as well as to switch wireless providers without the need for a new phone purchase. Cintex Wireless makes it easy for wireless consumers to sign up for their service, and to purchase an affordable SIM card that interacts easily with their unlocked GSM handset. This simple sign-up process, says Cintex Wireless, makes it easier to acquire cell coverage than ever before, and allows you the freedom to get the most from both a Cintex Wireless phone plan and from your existing phone.

Many Cintex Wireless customers rave about the plan choices and affordability provided by this industry-changing wireless provider. The GSM technology has really begun to revolutionize the field of wireless services, and has awoken many American consumers as to the possibility of contract-less and hassle-free phone plans. Freedom is something you rarely find in the wireless industry. Cintex Wireless is working to change all that.

Cintex Wireless SIM cards allow consumers a freedom they never knew existed. The easy to purchase and SIM card install process opens up your phone to numerous phone plan possibilities, providing you almost instant access to Cintex Wireless’s amazing line-up of quality wireless services.

Cintex Wireless an Innovative Company

Cintex Wireless is a fantastically innovative company, which has many satisfied customers. Due to dissatisfaction with larger cell phone carriers, many Americans are looking for another option. For thousands, that other option has become Cintex Wireless.

Part of the reason why Cintex Wireless is so innovative is its ability to provide fantastic service extremely cheap. The plans through Cintex Wireless cost between $5 and $40 a month. This is far less than most major carriers. Part of the reason why Cintex Wireless is so inexpensive is due to the fact that it uses GSM technology rather than CDMA. Most American cell phone carriers are CDMA-based, which means that users are limited to the cell phone options that those companies provide for them. On the other hand, GSM companies allow individuals to bring in their own devices, so long as they will accept SIM cards.

Pioneering this kind of technology is one of the reasons why Cintex Wireless has become a leader in the small business cell phone arena. In 2007, Deloitte named it as one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Today, it continues its dedication to innovation and compassion by offering free cell phones to people in need. The government does not pay for the cell phones; Cintex Wireless does.

It is important to be flexible and innovative if you want to succeed in a niche business. With its attention to customer service, affordable plans, powerful innovation in the GSM market, and devotion to the community both local and spread out throughout the United States, Cintex Wireless keeps on working in order to stay ahead of the curve. This is why Cintex Wireless has seen so much success in its industry.

BYOD with Cintex Wireless

One of the more popular aspects of Cintex Wireless' service is the fact that you can bring your own device. This means that if you have an unlocked cell phone that accepts a SIM card, you can use it on Cintex Wireless' service plans, even if you did not purchase that cell phone direct from Cintex Wireless. Most American carriers are not like this.

The reason why this is the case is because most American carriers are on the CDMA system. This means that if you sign up for one of their contracts, you absolutely have to use one of their phones since only phones owned by that carrier are white listed for the carrier's service. There is no way to switch a phone from Sprint over to Verizon, for example. However, Cintex Wireless is a GSM service, which means the only thing that you need to do in order to use a phone with Cintex Wireless' service is to insert the SIM card that you purchase from Cintex Wireless. This makes switching phones very quick and easy with Cintex Wireless.

Another great thing about SIM technology is that most of the rest of the world uses it. This means that if you have a GSM phone and you happen to visit another country, all you need to do is purchase a SIM card in that country, and then you will have local cell phone service! GSM technology is fantastically flexible, and in many ways far cheaper than CDMA service. Come see what it's like to break free of the chains that major carriers impose upon you, and check out GSM service with Cintex Wireless!

Cintex Wireless offers Free Phones to the Poor

Among other things, Cintex Wireless is a great company because of its focus on helping individuals who are less fortunate. People who are on federal assistance funds such as Food Stamps, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), National Free School Lunch, or Federal Housing/Section 8 Assistance may be eligible to receive a free phone from Cintex Wireless. Individuals who are not on any of these plans yet have a low income may also be available for this program offered by Cintex Wireless.

The government does not pay for the cell phones, Cintex Wireless does. Cintex Wireless also pays for the total cost of promoting the program. The reason why Cintex Wireless is so dedicated to providing this program to needy Americans is due to a strong sense of community and wanting to assist people who may need little bit of help.

Everybody knows that in the modern day, having a cell phone is all but a necessity. It can be difficult to apply for jobs or engage in other professional business without the use of a cell phone. Landlines are all but extinct at this point, and not having a cell phone could be a negative mark in terms of employment or housing. Cintex Wireless wants to make sure that everybody has access to technology they need in order to live a full life. This is why Cintex Wireless is dedicated to providing everybody who needs access to cellular technology a cell phone.

Unrivaled Support with Cintex Wireless

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a cell phone provider is what kind of service they are able to offer their clients. While the big-name cell phone companies may have flashy commercials, it can be difficult to get in touch with them for comprehensive support. This is why many people are starting to turn to small companies like Cintex Wireless for their cell phone needs.

Cintex Wireless is available to its customers seven days a week. They are available Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. They are also available on Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM until 7 PM. One of the greatest things that Cintex Wireless' customers have to say is that when they call they get a real live person on the phone each and every time. This makes getting the assistance that Cintex Wireless' customers need very quick and easy.

There is also support on the site. For example, if you need to configure your cell phone to work with your new data plan, this is available right on the website. If you are wondering if Cintex Wireless will work in your area, you can insert your zip code and it will tell you whether or not there is coverage. The fact that the Cintex Wireless website is so interactive makes it great for customers who just need a little bit of help, but don't want to spend time on their phones talking to the phone company. This means they can talk to their friends instead!

Contact Cintex Wireless

Everybody knows that having a cell phone is all but necessary in the modern world. Hardly anybody simply relies on landline phones any longer. However, this does not necessarily mean that great cell phone service is cheap. This is why Cintex Wireless is proud to offer its customers very reasonable plans that are better priced than most of the major service providers. Cintex Wireless is a preferred cellular network for many.