Covid Update

Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Online / Remote Learning

In the case that we get cases of Covid-19 affecting some of our staff members - we may have to move certain classes to remote learning for a short period of time. Any notification/s regarding classes moving to online learning will be made before 7pm each night. If you get a notification that your child's class is moving to online learning for a short period then your child's teacher will send out instruction via the class Seesaw app outlining how this will work.

This will mean that your child will have to stay home for the specific time. We are anticipating that this may only be for a day or two at a time - depending on what cover we can get.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but may schools around the country (including Southland) are already implementing this approach. One of our roles is to run and operate the school in a safe way and when we are unable to staff our school then Health and Safety comes into play.

Parents may be asking why schools can't cover staffing. Often if a staff member is away we get a relief teacher to cover the class. Unfortunately, in today's climate (and teacher shortage) we simply can't find relievers out there who are available to come in and teach. This is the reason why we have to use the remote learning option.

Rapid Antigen Tests

Today the Prime Minister announced that rapid antigen test kits (RAT kits) are being distributed to state and state-integrated schools to allow the provision of RAT kits for children, young people and staff who are symptomatic at school.

Test kits will be offered to any child who may develop Covid-19 symptoms. Parents may contact the school if they would like access to these kits. The school will not be undertaking RAT Testing on any children - and we never will be.

We will let you know when the kits arrive at our school - they have said within a week or so.