Technology Checkout Procedures

Using What You've Got!

Using Facilities & Events

Teachers can checkout the iPad cart, mini-iPad cart and laptop cart using Facilities & Events, found in Eduphoria.

View the videos below to learn how to make a reservation or delete a reservation in Facilities and Events.

Making / Viewing Reservations in Facilities and Events

Deleting Reservations

If there is a change of plans, be sure to login and delete your reservation, so the resource you reserved shows available to other teachers.
Deleting a Reservation in Facilities and Events

I Made a Reservation, Now What????

Checkout Procedures when Picking Up a Technology Cart

In lab 704, there will be a binder with information about the apps available on the iPads and mini iPads, a user guide, as well as a sign-in/sign-out sheet.

  • The sign-in/sign-out sheet will help keep track of where each cart is located in case there are back to back assignments.

  • Each teacher should use the iPad Assignment Sheet to keep track of which student uses which iPad, in case work is left on a device or there is an issue. Complete the assignment sheet and post in your classroom so students know which device is assigned.

  • Use the iPad Joint Activity Assignment Sheet if you are checking out the cart as a team. Copies will be available in the binder.

iPad Cart Training for Teachers

Teachers see what's available on the iPads, how to operate and how to manage cart.

Teacher Training SlideShow

View the slideshow to learn all about using an iPAD

iPAD User Guide

Please do not print this guide. Download a copy and view it electronically.

Teacher User Agreement

Teachers should print this agreement and turn it in to your ETS before checking out the iPad carts.

iPAD Cart Training for Students

The ETS can assist teachers with introducing iPad use rules and the first lesson or activity.

Haiku Deck of Rules

- Use Pic Collage to have students make a visual presentation of a rule or use a QR Code activity to get started.

Students Can Take Kahoot Quiz over iPad Rules
Student iPAD User Agreement

Students and parents sign document agreeing to iPAD usage rules