Panther Note

January 4, 2016

Team Puma on Call this Week

Please review Handbook, Google Drive, PSM Calendar or your mailboxes for clarification on duty this week.

Please be present physically and making connections with students as we welcome back our kids to an important quarter. Your presence is noted repeatedly by parents ... they and their kids feel safe because you are THERE.

Lockers are a hot spot this past month ... please be moving among students and ensuring conversations and actions are as kind as we expect them to be.

Happy New Year!

TCB Information Needed

I need sixth and eighth grade information. If you have already sent, please remind me. Thus far, for Seventh Grade:

January Only

Mon- Burton

Tues- Nelson

Wed- Catlett

Thurs- Pirkle

Are there any other needs / updates in expectations for students, staff, office, et cetera?

Leadership - January 13th staring promptly at 3:05

  • Goal Setting / Review process
  • Winter MAP Reflections
  • Math Recommendation and Placement this Month
  • KAP Preparation and Training
  • Third Quarter Goals - Early Release and Tuesday PD for January / February
  • PSAT results coming
  • PAT Schedules
  • PSM Facilities Communicaiton

PLC January Agenda Item

PLC Content Areas will present a three tiered lesson in late February during a Tuesday PLC.

This PLC will be attended by Tara Mahoney and possibly other BV supports.

Use the information and skills you acquired around new NWEA reports and the lesson you chose to 'three tier' in your instruction and as an exemplar that will be presented in February to strengthen our practice across PSM.

Instructional support has come from district and building as well as time to collaborate with your grade/content partners to refine targeted lessons in the form of:

  • data driven instruction based in MAP tiered targets and performance ranges (NWEA)
  • time to develop and implement at least one ideal / best practice AFL reaping very good data about individual and small groups of learners linked directly to AOLs
  • Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday time to review this data and write effective plans and assessments to guide instruction

Tara Mahoney joined our PLCs again in December with an offer of support, great information and time to collaborate on a well oiled three tiered lesson.

NWEA access and ability to 'mine' data at a standard level opened up the ability to craft tiered lessons (truly differentiate) around student need. Whether using Stiggins, Marzano, Kagan, Chappuis or commons sense - this is good instruction.

Thirty Second Expectation

Please review attendance hourly.

Pam will be calling during your instruction if questionable attendance arises.

Parent request by phone or in person creates exceptionally mistrust of your instruction and care if students are not quickly located. If out of your classroom for instruction (GREAT!) please communicate in advance.

Follow up calls about absences can be very awkward and create mistrust of first hour teachers if students called absent.

We appreciate your attention to this minor, but major detail.

PAT Second Semester

These dates will be calendared by Kelsa in PSM / Google Calendars.

  • PLC Sign ups: 1/7 (A), 1/8 (B)

  • PAT dates: 1/12, 2/23, 3/29,4/12,4/26,5/10

Kelsa/Pam will be reaching out about next Tuesday's early release to identify any need for Extended TCB.

Feedback based in your expertise is an expectation

As we move into our second semester with an exceptional group of students, a second reminder is worth our time. Please remember that our case managers are consistently monitoring data and progress. Your feedback and input in a formal basis is an expectation. As you receive reminders (efficiently by email and by google docs pending your case manager), please promptly provide:

  • detailed formal feedback (you know these students by now in a multitude of formats)
  • informal, daily feedback in person or during Problem Solving dates

Our most individualized learners, require our most finely tuned interventions which is reliant upon each of you daily and especially in preparation for IEPs/504s et cetera.

If there is anything Stacey or I can do to support you in completing this analysis during your Problem Solving (as a team) or your Nuts and Bolts PLCs, please let me know. More than likely data about a student has arisen during your Sacred Days. If in a pinch, we could support you using PD PLC (and many Tuesday's are already open).

Do not be offended if you hear from leadership if we are waiting on your feedback.

Come visit me with questions.

Math Recommendation Timeline

Note on your calendar and be responsible to...

1.) January 8th: math data spreadsheets to guide recommendation. Information coming to you will be in the same spreadsheet format as January 2015, and include:

  • Student Name
  • Current Course / Teacher
  • Course Grade from first semester
  • KAP data
  • MAP data
  • MAP projected proficiency for 2016
  • for eighth grade: Explore and PSAT data

2.) February 01: ...recommend to Sigg from each grade level that include your input:

  • Recommendation (from drop down menu)
  • Notes detailing any individual rationale

3.) February 05: ...share with parents recommendations prior to Conferences.

Share any questions, ideas or needs this week.

AFL Share Outs

Great progress and affirmation for best practice AFLs has been given by sixth, seventh and Exploratory PLCs. We thank you for your expertise, communication and growth. Key successes included:

**Specific strategies to incorporate all keys to successful data feedback from students in AFL format

**Clear connection between unit AFL and unit AOL to clearly provide growth opportunities for students (feedback) and guidance / direction for teachers based upon performance of how to improve

**Ways to track and measure growth and provide clear immediate steps for learners

Once eighth grade presents their PLC specific strategies, we will upload to PSM Edmodo PD page and begin to provide time to develop a shared AFL per unit over this semester.

KMEA Preparation for Eighth Grade

Thank you to Paul for his heads up for February 10th guest conductor / clinician from KU to work with 8th grade band in preparation for KMEA performance on the 25th of February.

All of the 8th grade band students stay for 7th and 8th hour that day, so we can maximize our time with Dr. Bergee in rehearsal. A list was provided in the email.

Key Dates

January 05: Puma Supervision

January 07: Winter MAP (Sixth grade running their own, 7th/8th supported by Counselors)

January 07: Geography Bee (discussed and noted through Leadership first semester)

January 08: Winter MAP

January 11: Leopard Supervision (noted in multiple public locations)

January 12: Leadership meeting with all students (Assessments, Goal Setting Third Quarter)

January 12: District Design Early Release

January 14: Community Partner Night (information posted in multiple locations)

January 14: Spelling Bee (discussed and noted though Leadership first semester)

January 18: MLK - No School

January 19: Cheetah Supervision (noted and listed in multiple locations)

January 21: 8th Grade Band at BVHS 6:30 - 8:00

January 22: 6/7 Panther Night

January 25: Bobcat Supervision (noted and listed in multiple locations)

January 26: Early Release - Jars & Grade Preparation.

January 26: Musical Matinee

January 27: BVHS Enrollment Night / Fair

February 01: Jaguar Supervision (noted and listed in multiple locations)

February 02: Progress Report Open by Nancy Croucher

February 05: Grades due for Posting by 3:00

February 08: ALL Supervision – See Sperry Assignments

February 09: Eighth Grade Online Enrollment (PE or GS)

February 09: Conferences (315-715 – Scheduled)

February10: Band guest conductor / clinician from KU for 8th grade band (will last 7th/8th hour) February 11: Conferences (7:30 – 9:30 WI / 9:40 – 10:50 Sched / 11:40 – 3:30 Schedu / 3:40 – 6:30 WI)

February 12: No School

February 15: No School – President’s Day

February 16: Puma – Supervision (noted and listed in multiple locations)

February 17: 8th Grade band KMEA Concert at 7:00 at BVHS

February 22: Leopard - Supervision (noted and listed in multiple locations)

February 23: Early Release – District Design

Feburary 23: Goal Setting Talk

February 23: PAT

February 24: KAP: MDPT (One Day)

February 25: KMEA – 8th Grade Band – Wichita 2:00 PM

February 29: Cheetah – Supervision (noted and listed in multiple locations)