A Peek at Our Week

Our Spectacular 1st-3rd Grade Class

January 22, 2016


Peace and non-violence was at the core of Martin Luther King's work and this week we investigated more about what is peaceful behavior and what is not. How can we bring more peace into the world through our actions and words? We each took time to individually sort different scenarios into either "peaceful" or "not peaceful." Laughing at a friends mistake? Inviting a friend who is alone to play? Whispering a secret? Giving a high five? We needed to be ready to share reasons behind our thinking. The kids enjoy these types of activities and I notice a difference in the depth and richness of our discussions. It is great practice in backing up our opinion... I think____because_____.


We continue to do a little money work and will keep it alive during our morning calendar routines. Money (and cooking!) has been a great segue to fractions. A whole (one dollar) divided into equal parts (dimes - tenths, quarters - quarters!). We explored fractions through measuring cups and rice, dividing and sharing a banana fairly and even our pattern blocks can be used as fractions! We spent time playing "Fraction Hex" which is like Chinese Checkers but we have to compare fractions to move to a new space that is either greater than or less than our current space. Fun!

Now that we know the bottom number tells us how many equal parts of the whole there are some of us are ready to move toward further exploration of identifying particular parts (the numerator). Others are all ready to add, subtract and find equivalents next week.

We got our U.S. map up so we could keep track of the state quarters we have found. It has been a fun way to become more familiar with our states!
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We finished our community hero writing from all our visitors last week and worked on our MLK projects.

Word Work
In handwriting, Magic C taught us g. Start with a c, go up like a helicopter, bump, back down, turn and catch George (or Georgia or Gilly!!). Didn't you know there is a little person living inside of g that is afraid of falling? Luckily, the little tail is there waiting to catch her, just in case!

Phonics groups are working on...
  • Baby u, ut, ug, and un famlies
  • Magic e with e...oh that little baby e just does not want to grow up and say it's name no matter how hard Magic e looks at it! Magic e makes a deal with the babysitter to switch places so it can be right next to baby e to give it a very close eye and encouragement. Baby e finally responds! Phew!
  • New group to be added next week!!


We really dove into the the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his work that resulted in him being one of the greatest heroes in history! I love learning about history through photographs - they can tell such a story. We looked at photographs of life of then and thought about what the picture would look like now. Everyone had beautiful pictures that illustrated the FAIRNESS and EQUALITY that MLK worked to bring to the world.

We enjoyed imagining if we met MLK and the things we would share or ask him. What would we show him? What dream of our own would we share with him? What would we like to thank him for? What would we ask him?

To help us with a future project (coming in February!!) we practiced making a timeline of MLK's life. What are the most significant events, the highlights, that we would put in a timeline of someone's life? What pictures would best illustrate the event? As we learn about MLK and write about our community heroes we are gathering many tools to help us have the skills we need for our own biography project!

Community Service

This week our community service project was making 60 Morning Glory muffins for Interfaith warming center. The muffins were received enthusiastically! An average of 65 individuals visit the warming center and most are people who do not have access to shelter at night. They show up right at 7 a.m. and sleep until 1:00. They've been out all night and are wet, cold and just want undisturbed rest for as much time as they can in a dry, warm place. It felt good knowing we made something nutritious and delicious that will fill their bellies for awhile.
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We played with perspective by drawing snowpeople from different views...zoomed in, side view, far away...check them out on our wall on Monday!!

Read Aloud

We all believe and love that animals can be heroes, too! We have been choosing and listening to short stories from Unlikely Heroes. Animals can be great teachers of having big hearts and helping or protecting others. Ask your kiddo what has been their favorite story!

Read to Feed

I have been hearing great reports from many of the children about the pledges they have received and how much they are reading! Way to go!! We are looking forward to seeing how much we raise and what we can "buy" for Heifer families!

Friday Workshops

  • January 29th - Gillian, Kaitlyn
  • February 5th - Laurel, Addy
  • February 12th - Sam, Gillian

Important Dates

  • February 6th - Alternative School Fair
  • February 10th - Board Meeting
  • February 11th - Heart Talk/Open House
  • February 12th - 1/2 Day - Valentine's Day Celebration!

  • February 15th-19th - Mid-Winter Break - No School

Field Trips and Special Events

  • January 8th - February 10th - Read to Feed (Our Fundraising Page)
  • January 27th - Special Program at the Library - Jeriann's Class Only 10:00-12:45
  • January 28th - Food Bank - 1:00
  • May 6 - Wolf Haven - 11:45
  • May 20th - Woodard Bay Bike Trip - 12:15
  • June 3 - Cougar Mountain Zoo - 8:15