Weekly Rangers Newsletter

Week of February 15th-19th


-Four 5th grade students, Coach Guerra & Anderson were invited to the board meeting this past Monday to hand out this year's Showcase invitations to Dr. Gottardy, executive directors and our NEISD board members. They represented Wetmore extremely well and we couldn't have been prouder. We were featured on the NEISD website, here is the link:


-Pictures show our grade levels synergizing this past Friday. Analyzing data and coming up with action plans for the next few months. Great job teams.

Current Events

Monday, 2/15:

-Student Holiday, Staff development 7:30-3:40

Tuesday, 2/16:

-ARD Day

-5th STAAR Simulation Math Test

-Last day to turn in all Read to Succeed logs to Mrs. Jewell

Wednesday, 2/17:

- College T-shirt Day

-Assessment LPAC's, 3rd-5th grade, ESL Teachers

-Academic Committee meetings after school

-Leadership Synergizing Meeting, 12:30

-5th STAAR Simulation Reading Test

Thursday, 2/18:

-Additional ARD Day

-New Teacher Math 1st grade training, AM

-Counselor Staff Development Day, 7:00-12:00

-Class/Group Picture Day

Friday, 2/19:

-Happy Birthday Ana Maria Petzold!

-Rodeo Day!

-Faculty & Staff Cowboy/Cowgirl Breakfast in the lounge, AM

-Robotics, 2:30-4:00


(2/10 Email from Mrs. Jewell)- One final reminder, please make sure that ALL Read to Succeed reading logs are back to me by February 16th. Also, if you have turned in your reading logs and are receiving an email about not being complete, don’t worry, I have it all taken care of.

- We have continued to see the plates in the sink left behind. This past Thursday, there were 6 blue trays, all piled up and left in the sink. In order to synergize as a family, please wash your trays, or better yet, return them to the cafeteria. This is a small step but it goes a long way with our custodians. Thank you to those of you who have been doing this on a consistent basis, very much appreciated.

Upcoming Events



-Citywide Spelling Bee


-Book Fair

-2nd grade Writing benchmark, 8:30-10:30

-3rd grade Writing benchmark, 10:30

-Turn in Dr. Seuss writing pieces to Mrs. Rosas


-Book Fair

-Bookkeeper's Meeting, 7:30-9:30, C. Mayfield

-Early Dismissal

-Leadership Synergizing Meeting, 9:30

-College T-Shirt Day

-Book Fair

-Early Dismissal

-3rd grade writing benchmark, 9:50-10:50

-Happy Birthday Julie Nall!

-Book Fair

-2nd grade Reading benchmark, 8:30-10:30

-5th grade Science benchmark, 9:00-11:00

-Book Fair

-PTA Spirit Shop

-K, 2, 3 - Mobile Dairy Classroom, 8:00-10:30

-GT Meeting, 1-4, S. Sauter

-Benchmark make-ups/turn into central office


-First day of Dr. Seuss Week

-Wear your crazy socks



-Math night, 6-7, Cheesy Jane's Food Truck & Pizza truck will be on campus from 4:30-6:30.

-Wear a Hat!


-Dr. Seuss' Birthday-Read across America- Lupe and her awesome team will be serving green eggs and ham for breakfast! Encourage all your students to eat in the cafeteria that morning :)

- Wear Stripes!

-Leadership Synergizing Meeting, 9:30

-Auxiliary Committees after school

-First day of quinitiling for 3rd & 4th


-Happy Birthday Laura Kersey!

-Heroes 4 Health Day (more information coming)

-Wear a Rainbow of Colors!


-IIT Meeting, J. Schaeffer, all day

-Robotics, 2:30-4:00

-Dr. Seuss Dressup Day!


-Librarian's Meeting, 1-4, (K. Wright)


-ARD Day


-Happy Birthday Laurie Lucas!

-Faculty meeting, STAAR Test Training, Library

-Elementary PE Showcase, Littleton gym, 6:30 p.m.


-Happy Birthday Adrianna White Springer!

-ARD Day


-Happy Birthday Sylvia Sauter!

-3rd grade field trip

Growth Mindset

These dojo videos were shown at our Data debrief training this past week. Thank you to Deissy Soto for continuing to share these with us.
Big Ideas for the classroom: Growth Mindset - Episode 4/5