The Holocaust

Concentration camps and more

The original

Concentration camps were terrible they killed people also there were more than the concentration camps though, and this all started in the early 1930s. Dachau was one of the first Nazi concentration camps and, opened in March 1933, but they weren’t well know until the 1940 than the whole world knew about them and they're terrible ways. By the time everyone knew about them there were thousands of them all over Europe killing hundreds of thousands of people per day!

Hitler and his army

Hitler was in charge of the Nazi’s in world war ll. Hitler had unemployed young men, lower middle class, small store owners, office employees, craftsmen,and farmers were with him helping him with the Nazi army. At first people didn’t know what Hitler was going to do to Germany and thought he was just going to be a politician until 1932. Than people started hiding,getting kidnapped,and afraid of Hitler and that’s when it started all the camps and death Germany faced was from one man Adolf Hitler.

The Nazi’s fell after Hitler killed himself and America took over Germany the camps started to fall all over Europe.

The prisoners

Concentration camps were places that prisoners in World War II were sent to, to be put into work, to be tortured, or to be killed. They were kept in very harsh conditions with no rights at all. Hitler sent Jews, Romanians, Soviets, Homosexuals, and even more to concentration camps. They were sent there because they were “different” from all the Nazi’s rule. They were “different” because they did not look/do what Hitler wanted them to. Including German! The Nazis would abuse them, starve them, and even gas them. The bad part is, they did not do anything wrong at all to deserve this. The prisoners were just being themselves. The results, over six thousand people were killed a day and sixty million died overall.