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News paper project by Daylen Horton

Carolyn Hax: how to solve the Nero problem

Dear carolyn:

I have a problem with the Nero headsets. I think they are turning people into computerized people. They are physically there but their mind isn't there. Everyone I tell has been so into the Nero that they don't even listen to what I say anymore. Every-time I tell them they also decline it like they already know what I'm about to say. One of my best-friends have been taken over and what should I do to get him to listen

~ Scared friend (Sam)

Dear scared friend:

I think you need to make that person see for them selfs. Make them see it without the Nero headset. That way they will see it in their own eyes. They will be able to see what's happening and show other people to stop it. They can also help. Also tell them to spread it and help.


Movie feature

Taken over by technology

A world of human is being taken over by technology. The whole government denies the technology take over as they have the same technology itself! Could the government be in with the technology? Find out by going to see the movie Brain Jack 5/16/15

Movie review

This movie is staring Shia labeouf, and Nina do rev, and Craig Roberts. This movie has just enough auction but not to much! This movie is rated #1 in the world! "It's fantastic" -news papers around the world. "A gotta see movie" - movie raters

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