Prescription Drug Abuse

Education and Prevention

A new epidemic on college campuses

Prescription Drug Abuse
-20% of Americans have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons
- Pain killers
- Depressants
- Stimulants
- Anabolic Steroids

Prescription drug abuse has made its way onto college campuses.
To date, there are approximately 7% of college students who abuse prescription drugs for cognitive performance enhancements. At elite universities in particular, we have noted that approximately 25% of the student body has partaken in substance abuse. The drive behind abuse is seen specifically for:
-Help students focus
-Increase cognitive test scores
-Helps the "average" students compete with the extremely intelligent students
-Gives students a competitive advantage

Why you shouldn't use them:
-May become additive
-May increase risk of heart attack and stroke
-Advantages may be viewed as cheating
-May decrease a person's sense of accomplishment

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