A Christmas Carol

The play review

Play review

The Christmas Carol was written by Charles dickens. When choosing the book or the play I would choose the play. The reasons are going to be in the rest of the paragraph.

The primary reason is that if you don't have time to read the full book. You can just watch it at an exciting event wherever you live. The play takes about 1-3 hours to watch. Rather than 2-5 hours depending on how fast you can read or the amount of time you have.

The secondary reason is that the sound effects at the play are spectacular. The spooky parts during the play like the ghost of Christmas present and ghost of Marley when they appeared. They also have sound from nice movies which added to the happy parts in the play.

My convulsive reason is how you have a chance to go to a theater. You also get to experience new things. Lastly you usually get to see it during the holidays.

My final thought is that the play is less time consuming than reading the book. The play is going to be more interesting than the book because of the special effects. But the play had less detail than the book.


In the book The Christmas Carol Scrooge had to sacrifice his ways because that was the source of his mean ways.