we all looked up


If you had 2 months to really live how would you live? Would you keep your labels or would you break out into who your really are? That's how Eliza, Peter, Andy, and Anita felt. Everyone said that Ardor an asteroid that was 4 times bigger than the earth would be here in 2 months. It's their turn to break there labels, to take control of there lives and that's what they did.

The Plot and Setting

The setting takes place in Seattle, Washington. The plot of the story is based four teenagers that know each other by other peoples labels; but they soon find out they are not at all like their labels that they were identified by in high school. The asteroid named Ardor is supposed to hit Earth in 2 months. They have to figure out how to really live their lives without labels, by just being their selves.
'We All Looked Up' Trailer