Epic Poems and a Hero's Journey

By: Rafe Nabizadeh & Zane Martin

Epic Poems

What are Epic Poems?

An epic poem is a narritive poem that is usually very lengthy. It mostly talks about a serious topic. Sribhargavaraghaviyam, Ashtavakra, and Gitaramayanam are all examples of epic poems. There is one epic poem in particular that Tolkien, The Beuwulf.

The Beuwulf

The Beuwulf was written in the 11th century. The Beuwulf is the oldest found epic poem in Old English. The name Beuwulf came from the name of the a warrior that killed a monster that was disturbing his kingdom.

A Hero's Journey

Bilbo is recruited to take back the kingdom of Erebor. He journeys thoughout the world and later comes back with goods.
The Hobbit (2012) - Kal Bashir's Hero's Journey, Story Structure