by: Breelyn Swagerty

My Storyboard

Storyboards are one of the most important and effective ways of explaining events, stories or ideas without confusing or boring the audience with minute details. By presenting information in this organized way, it helps the reader or audience to better understand the events in a visual, chronological order therefore maintaining interest. There are important moments throughout all stories where the author places great emphasis on the character's situation, how they relate and the emotional journey they are embarking upon. In the story Bruiser, the author, Neal Shusterman, guides us through the poignant journey of several characters, each as important as the next. The story opens with our main character, Brewster Rawlins, who is living in the shadows of a painful secret. Throughout his journey, he meets Tennyson and Bronte, twins who couldn't be more opposite, and slowly develops a relationship with both. As the twins learn of Brewster's secret ability to absorb the pain of those of he loves, the question of whether these friendships are genuine comes to light. These three characters face many challenges together. Some are frightening while others are inspiring. From being completely misunderstood and unaccepted at school, the death of family members and the threat of a parent's divorce, Brewster (Bruiser), Tennyson and Bronte find comfort in the friendships they have created. From having read Bruiser and creating this storyboard project, I have taken away valuable lessons presented by this great author. Never judge a person from the way they appear. Take the time to get to know someone. There is almost always more depth to a person than what's at the surface. It would have been easy for Tennyson and Bronte to simply accept the rumors spread about Brewster and move on. It would have been less painful for Brewster to let people into his life and become so vulnerable. "It's amazing how people can surprise you." (Bruiser)