Lichen Planus Treatment

Plenical for Lichen Planus Treatment

Lichen Planus is a medical terminology used to explain an eruption of shiny flat-topped purplish (usually itchy) papules on the wrist and forearms and thighs.

Quick Facts

  • A skin disorder characterized by rashes on the skin
  • Rashes can be formed inside the mouth
  • A kind of syndrome in which skin eruptions take place in the form of polygonal shapes accompanied by fine scales and rough textures
  • Found on the mucous membranes or genetalia
  • Causes strong inflammation in the mouth or on the areas affected by Lichen Planus
  • A rough skin condition that causes massive discomfort
  • Rashes and lesions formed on the skin are not painful but they are quiet tedious and cause major inflammation

Lichen Planus Causes

  • Hepatitis C
  • Drugs that contain arsenic
  • Long term use of drugs quinacrine
  • Patients with bone marrow transplants

Lichen Planus Symptoms

  • Painful rashes on the skin
  • Concentrated on the sides of the tongue or inside of the cheeks
  • Pimples or blue white appearances on the skin
  • Usually located on the inner wrist, legs, torso, or genitals
  • Itchy lesions causing major discomfort
  • Single lesion or clusters of lesions, often at sites of skin injury
  • Lacy network on the upper layer of the skin
  • Possibility of developing blisters or ulcers
  • Dry mouth
  • Abnormal hair loss (in rare cases)
  • Taste of metal in the mouth
  • Nail abnormalities
  • Painful ulcers
  • Possibly covered with fine white streaks or scratch marks called Wickham's striae
  • Shiny or scaly appearance