Ancient Pompeii

A City cover in Ashes

august 24th

Pompeii was destroyed on august 24th. There was a volcano that destroyed there city it was called mount Vesuvius. During the explosion everybody died during that from all the ash and all the explosion.


Everybody died when the volcano exploded and the whole city was destroyed from the ashes and the fires. Most of the city was destroyed but some was sorta still sanding not all of it.

Early History

The archaeological digs at the site extend to the street level of the 79 AD volcanic event; deeper digs in older parts of Pompeii and core samples of nearby drillings have exposed layers of jumbled sediment that suggest that the city had suffered from other seismic events before the eruption. Three sheets of sediment have been found on top of the lava that lies below the city and, mixed in with the sediment, archaeologists have found bits of animal bone, pottery shards and plants.