Rosa Parks Journal

Week of November 16th

Time Management...........

"This is the key to time management - to see the value of every moment."

-Menchem Mendel Schneerson

Teacher Workday:

Teachers I know that some you arrive early every morning to prepare for your day and the time you take to prepare each day is much appreciated. However, please remember that your workday is from 8:30am - 4:00pm.(7.5 hrs). I know at times that things may arise but if you need to leave early for any reason please let me know.

Restroom Breaks

Teachers we are losing a major amount of instructional time each day when we take restroom breaks. If you are going to take class restroom breaks consider doing yhe following:

Sight word cards

Vocabulary cards

Math Flash Cards

Dismissal Time:

With the exception of our "Center" students we are lining students up too early for dismissal. We should start lining students up at 3:40pm. We have to make sure that we are maximizing our instructional time with our students. There should be no students lined up or in the hallways prior to 3:40. First floor students should be dismissed at 4:42 with the second floor dismissing at 3:45.


Crayons to Computers.......Don't Forget.....

Don't forget this is our week to shop at Crayons to Computers.

Upcoming Dates / Events

Monday 11/16 -

Tuesday 11/17 - Parent Conferences 4:00pm - 7:30pm

Wednesday 11/18- Principal PLC(Comer) 9:45am: PBS 7:45-8:45: Picture Retakes(stage)

Thursday 11/19 - Admin Meeting(Comer) 8:00am-11:00am

Friday 11/20 - Test Coordinator Meeting(Comer)1:00am:

Awards Assembly

K-2 1:30

3-5 2:30

Intent Forms Reminder........

Don't forget to submit a copy of your Intent Form to me once you have completed it. If you have any questions regarding the intent forms, please don't hesitate to ask.

Technology Commitiee

Being that we have our school webpage, Facebook Page, and Twitter account. If you are familiar with theses forms of social media your help is needed. I would like to form a team that can work collaboratively together to help keep these pages updated with all the wonderful things that are happening at our school. If you are interested please let me know.